Brussels airport attacks: 2 Jet Airways crew members injured, flights cancelled to city


MUMBAI: Two bomb explosions and several gun shots shook Brussels airport earlier Tuesday, leading to 13 deaths, several injuries and completely disrupted operations and schedules..

Jet Airways which currently uses the airport as its global hub said in a statement that “as per first hand information,” its planes at the airport are safe.

Meanwhile, as the enormity of the terrorist attack in Brussels became clearer, Jet Airways issued a series of statements. Jet Airways spokesperson confirmed, what was doing the rounds on twitter earlier, when he said: “Two of our staff were injured and are receiving medical care.”

“We are making all efforts to confirm the status of all its staff and guests,” the spokesperson added.

In another statement, the airline announced cancellation of several flights on March 22, from Brussels to Newark, Toronto, Mumbai and New Delhi. Flights scheduled from Newark and Toronto to Brussels on March 22, were also cancelled.

Even flights on March 23, from Mumbai, Delhi to Brussels were cancelled, the statement added.

In another communique Jet Airways informed that its guests (passengers) in Brussels have been re-located to a safe location by the Brussels Airport authorities. “At this time passengers and staff have been cordoned off and are not allowed to access the airport terminals,” the statement added.

The airline said it is closely monitoring the situation in Brussels and will provide further updates as information becomes available.

“Our Brussels staff is co-ordinating with airport authorities and security agencies to arrange immigration formalities as soon as possible to move the transit guests out of the airport,” the airline said.

Jet on Sunday is scheduled to shift its hub to Amsterdam, as part of an earlier network plan.

As per initial media reports, the “terror attacks” have already led to 13 deaths with an additional 30 passengers severely injured. Images from the airport showed shattered windows and smoke rising from the airport building. Video footage showed passengers fleeing the building in terror. There were additional blasts at several metro stations in the city.

The Belgian capital has been put on high alert.