Here’s why Apple’s March 21 event may actually be ‘boring’


Not everyone is terribly excited about tomorrow’s Apple event.
A report by Steve Kovach in Techinsider throws some light on why we shouldn’t expect too much from the ‘Let’s Loop You In’ event where Apple CEO Tim Cook is likely to launch a mini version of iPhone 6s, an iPad pro version, a new Apple Watch model and some more. Why? Kovach actually says it might be boring!

He explains saying, “Apple is holding its event in its modest auditorium at its headquarters in Cupertino, the same place it introduced relatively minor products like iPad Air 2. The venue alone is a sign from Apple that it isn’t about to knock your socks off with some sort of revolutionary new gadget”.
The writer has compared the earlier events where Facebook revealed VR games via Oculus, Sony unveiling pricing of its PlayStation VR and first look at HTC Vive. Right now, Apple is nowhere on the VR scene that’s bursting rapidly, and the writer points out- as of now, Apple is a one-trick pony and concedes it’s the best trick- the best smartphone to buy.