School-bus tracking app start-up AppAlert raises $900,000


AppAlert Inc., a start-up that makes school-bus monitoring software Friday said it has raised $900,000 in seed funding in a round led by Narinder Singh, a US-based investor, to enhance its technology and expand to Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia.

AppAlert provides information to schools on whether their school buses are over-speeding, and alerts them when the buses breakdown. It lets parents know when their wards have reached their bus stop, and their whereabouts.

The firm said it deployed trials across 20 schools in the National Capital Region and Mumbai.

“The average waiting time for parents and caregivers at bus stops today is a minimum of 17 minutes. More than half the calls school managements have to field are about buses leaving or arriving. In today’s day and age when any and all information is available on one’s fingertips, it is unfair that parents and schools struggle with gathering and dissemination of such vital information on a daily basis,” Ashuvinder Ahuja, founder, AppAlert, said in a statement.