Pepsico Launches 7 UP Revive Along with Mickey Mehta

Hyderabad, India
Global Leading Holistic Health Guru Mickey Mehta was Pepsico’s first choice to introduce their hydro-tonic drink called 7 UP Revive.

Mickey’s take was very practical he said, “Until a few hundred years back, man used to drink water from clean wells and pristinely fresh lakes and rivers. So, his hydration and vitality requirements were always fulfilled because of the natural vital elements abundant in these sources. Today, obviously, first sensible choice of nourishment will always be natural and wholesome. But because of many extraneous factors and matters of inconvenience in today’s lifestyle, one needs to intelligently choose human engineered and designed products to fill the gaps and 7 UP Revive, the hydro-tonic drink comes with stevia with 30% less sweet than the other beverages plus essential electrolytes and important vitamins are present to replenish our needs which are depleted otherwise by the day-to-day summer heat. So don’t just survive, drink 7 UP revive!”