EMC Declares 2016 as the “Year of All-Flash” for Primary Storage


New Delhi, Delhi, India

Unveils DSSD D5: A Quantum Leap In Flash Storage
Delivers Re-Engineered VMAX All Flash For The Modern Data Center

Enterprises are striding fast towards solutions, which offer easy alignment with the legacy systems and offer security, simplicity flexibility and scalability. In India over 3100 digitally native startups are well-placed to address this shift by leveraging SMAC, IoT, automation and other new technologies, to disrupt traditional industries.

In last 15 years of Information Technology, we have seen major investments in infrastructure leading upto around USD 2.7 trillion in the year 2015. However, with an ever increasing amount of data, the CIOs today have the dilemma to drive out cost and at the same time innovate new strategic business imperatives and applications. It is important to develop consumer grade mobile apps along with an optimization of investment. There comes the importance of modernizing the data centres around the 4 key pillars- leverage flash as a core storage infrastructure, the ability to scale out, taking the software defined approach and movement to cloud.

Today, flash has reached the point where it is more cost-effective to deploy than high performance hard drives. We believe companies will collect 1000x more data than ever before and will be under pressure to analyze that data in real time to seek competitive advantage. These new requirements break traditional infrastructure and pave the way for a new approach. This is why we created DSSD D5. Adding to that we also have worked to optimize the VMAX for all-flash deployments while still providing the world-class data services our customers know and love. There’s no better way to modernize a data center than through converged infrastructure. There are significant implications of Modern Data Centre in various verticals ranging from telecom, banking to government mission critical projects.

To enable the transition, EMC is announcing that 2016 will be the “Year of All-Flash” for EMC as solid state drives overtake traditional disk-based arrays for primary storage. With nearly 40% share in the all-flash market, EMC is expanding its portfolio to help customers modernize the data center. EMC’s launch of VMAX All Flash and DSSD adds to an already robust flash portfolio with the market-leading XtremIO all-flash array and all-flash configurations of the VNX Series.

Announcing the VMAX All Flash, the company targets the transformational value of flash in the modern data center. VMAX All Flash is the first-to-market all-flash array to natively support block and file protocols for open systems and mainframe system and scales up to 4PB. With the VMAX All Flash comes a new maintenance package, Xpect More, with guaranteed flash endurance protection and a lifetime flat-priced maintenance model. VMAX All Flash will also be delivered as a building block of the VCE Vblock and VxBlock 740 Systems.

As a part of the all flash strategy, EMC is also announcing a new category of flash, Rack-Scale Flash, with the announcement of DSSD D5. Built to tackle the world’s most demanding IT workloads with ease, DSSD can hit 10M IOPS, with 144TB in a five rack unit. A completely new architecture, DSSD is designed for the most data-intensive applications to enable complex, real-time data processing and real-time analytics and insight.
Keeping these in perspective, please find below and attached the announcements for further details and deeper understanding of the implications of these new offerings.

News Highlights:

Expanding upon the market-leading XtremIO all-flash array, EMC launches VMAX All Flash, completely re-engineering VMAX to capitalize on the transformational value of flash in the modern data center
VMAX All Flash is built to address mission-critical enterprise data center use cases, at data storage costs less than traditional enterprise disk-based arrays
EMC delivers the first-to-market all-flash storage array to natively support block, file, open systems and mainframe
Features dramatically simplified appliance-like packaging and Xpect More program with guaranteed investment protection
VMAX All Flash also delivered as a building block of the industry-leading VCE, EMC Converged Platforms Division, Vblock and VxBlock 740 Systems
EMC DSSD D5 delivers superior IOPS, throughput and latency metrics for the most data-intensive applications to enable complex, real-time data processing and real-time analytics and insight
10M IOPS, ~100 microsecond latency, 100GB/s of bandwidth and 144TBs of raw storage in five rack units
Up to 68% lower TCO, 5X lower latency and 10X higher IOPS and bandwidth than today’s fastest flash platforms
Order of magnitude improvement in Hadoop HBase workload performance compared to traditional Hadoop deployed on Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
VCE Converged Infrastructure platforms to leverage DSSD D5 to expand flash offerings

Full Story:

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) today announced a quantum leap forward in its enterprise storage strategy with major additions to the industry’s leading all-flash storage solutions to address mixed, consolidated and the world’s most performance-intensive enterprise workloads. Complementing the industry-leading XtremIO all-flash array, today’s announcement of EMC’s flagship VMAX® All Flash® enterprise data services platform and EMC® DSSD™ D5™ Rack-Scale Flash solution (see related news releases linked above) underscores EMC’s commitment to all-flash arrays for primary storage. EMC’s flash portfolio is designed to address virtually any enterprise data center use case, enabling the Modern Data Center. By 2020, EMC estimates that all storage used for production applications will be flash-based; traditional disk will primarily be used for bulk and archive storage only.

EMC’s all-flash portfolio is purpose-built to address virtually any enterprise data center use case:

More than just improving on raw performance, VMAX All Flash arrays deliver the legendary reliability and flexibility of the VMAX platform, while offering total cost of ownership (TCO) less than traditional enterprise disk-based arrays. Recognized by customers as the most-trusted storage array in the industry, EMC is extending the world-class VMAX data services to VMAX All Flash. In addition to a dramatically simplified management experience, its appliance-like packaging now includes both hardware and software.

VMAX All Flash is engineered specifically to capitalize on the performance of flash and the economics of today’s latest large-capacity SSDs, introducing technology such as Write Folding that improves flash durability while simultaneously delivering peak performance. Multi-dimensional scalability is achieved through its V-Brick ‘building block’ architecture. Each V-Brick contains one VMAX engine and starts with 53TB of usable capacity that can be scaled up to 500TB in 13TB increments. Multiple V-Bricks can be combined to scale out to a maximum of eight VMAX engines and 4PB. The VMAX All Flash 450 can be configured to include one to four V-Bricks and the VMAX All Flash 850 up to eight V-Bricks, allowing customers to scale-out performance and ports easily.

DSSD D5 delivers ultra-dense, high-performance, highly available and very low latency shared flash storage for up to 48 redundant connected servers. D5 is connected to each node through PCIe Gen3 and leverages NVMe technology, to deliver the performance of PCI-attached flash. D5 is a standalone appliance that is disaggregated from compute, delivering the benefits of shared storage. The result is next-generation performance with latency as low as 100 microseconds, throughput as high as 100 GB/s, and IOPS of up to 10 million in a 5U system.

The ultra-high performance D5 was developed from the ground up and packaged with multiple industry-first hardware and software innovations that set it apart from any other storage offering available on the market. DSSD D5 moves beyond storage into the realm of enabling next-generation applications that require extreme performance and scalability. Designed to meet the demands of the high-performance, data-intensive workloads of tomorrow, D5 also delivers a crucial link to emerging next-generation applications based on extremely large, fast-growing working sets with 100 percent hot and active data.

DSSD D5 reduces data center footprint and costs with ultra-dense, shared flash. The appliance provides up to 36 flash modules with 144TB RAW (100TB usable) capacity, in a five rack-unit chassis that can be accessed redundantly by up to 48 direct-attached servers. D5 is also engineered to provide increased application uptime through enterprise-class availability and serviceability features. These features include dual-ported client cards, dual H/A controllers, redundant components and industry-leading flash reliability and resiliency with Cubic RAID™, dynamic wear leveling, flash physics control and space-time garbage collection.

Higher flash drive density, lower failure rates, lower power consumption and operating temperatures relative to traditional disk arrays also contribute to enterprise storage platforms that require less data center floor space, power and cooling.

According to IDC’s most recent Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker2, EMC is the market share leader in all-flash storage solutions at 39%, more than the next three competitors combined and is also the market share leader in enterprise storage solutions that include both all-flash and hybrid flash storage arrays. EMC storage solutions based on hybrid configurations will be offered primarily for bulk data storage capacity and archive requirements.

EMC Executive Quote:

Abhijit Potnis, Director Technology Solution, India and SAARC at EMC

“Today’s enterprise customer wants to enable their business with modern data centers that deliver agility, efficiency and speed. We’re expanding upon EMC’s primary storage strengths and all-flash leadership, built with XtremIO. With the introduction of VMAX All Flash and DSSD D5, there is virtually no data center use case we’re unable to address from traditional high-end enterprise workloads, to use cases that people haven’t even dreamt about in the data center of tomorrow.”

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