5BARz India Commences SMT Manufacturing of 5BARz Network Extenders in India


Bangalore, Karnataka, India
5BARz India Pvt. Ltd., a leading technology startup in improving last mile cellular network connectivity, today announced the ground up SMT (Surface Mount Technology) manufacturing of its range of 5BARz Network Extenders at Bengaluru.

The 5BARz™ network extender is a highly engineered, single piece, plug and play product that enhances the cellular signal in low or poor coverage areas and delivers high quality signals for voice and data reception. In a proactive step to address the issue of low in – building connectivity in India, 5BARz India will provide a range of network extenders that will be customized to specific telecom operators in India. The first range of devices are designed for 3G networks.

Elaborating on the manufacturing process, Samartha Nagabhushanam, MD & CEO, 5BARz India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Working closely with 5barz International, our parent company, we have enabled a composite technology availability in India for the 5BARz network extenders. This enables us to source the best quality components from global manufacturers after a stringent selection to ensure product longevity. This process not only enables us to have multiple sources of component supply but also handle high volumes of demand.”

5BARz India has adopted strict quality control measures for components and SMT using innovative methods to reduce the potential field failures. Using only RoHS compliant components and lead-free soldering techniques in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) line, 5BARz India is principally aligned to ensuring ‘Green Earth’ manufacturing.

Elaborate Design Verification tests are integrated on the production floor for all parts and sub-assemblies, including the radiating, mechanical elements and the plastic components for reliability of the product. The network extender undergoes an Accelerated Life Test for full functionality and performance in emulated Indian home and office scenarios, where 5BARz India intends to deploy maximum number of Network Extenders.

5BARz India, through these comprehensive and competitive sourcing, manufacturing and testing processes ensures that the highest quality products are shipped to its valued telecom customers.

About 5BARz India

5BARz India Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s most promising technology start-ups that is best equipped to improve signal strength in poor coverage areas in India. Due to the 5BARz™ plug & play feature, and zero installation cost of the 5BARz™ Network Extender, 5BARz™ is emerging as the most attractive proposition in solving the problem of the last mile of wireless connectivity. 5Barz India is a part of 5BARz International Inc., a start-up that is working towards enabling solutions for cellular network operators in providing clear, high quality signal for their subscribers, with a growing need for high quality connectivity. The 5BARz™ portable Network Extender incorporates patented technology to create a highly engineered, single-piece, plug and play device that strengthens weak cellular signals by amplifying the poorest signals from 1 bar to 5 bars, thereby ensuring telecom connectivity at home and work.