Tom Clancy’s The Division launches worldwide, amid initial server problems


Servers for Tom Clancy’s The Division went live on March 8, after the client unlocked for preloading the day before. The latest release from Ubisoft is currently available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.
However, as the game’s servers went live, players were irate to find they were unable to play the game. Not wanting to gain a bad rep for it’s newest shiny toy, Ubisoft got cracking and eventually had servers back online in a couple of hours.
For the uninitiated, Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online action-RPG​ that’s big on the open world as well as the realism factor. Think Skyrim online, except with guns and less magic. The stage is set in a faithfully recreated New York City, where a pandemic has culled the locals on the eve of Black Friday. That’s when your character, a sleeper cell from the titular “Division” springs into action to control pacify rioters, fight baddies, and so on.
Ubisoft has said they will be supporting The Division all through 2016, which is bound to be nothing but good for the game’s reception. Even if Ubisoft has managed to screw up again on launch day (see server problems above) the Day One patch notes and the year-long support announcement show they’re not messing around.
In addition to the standard game available, you can also preorder the three upcoming expansions available. Strangely though, the first two expansions will appear on the Xbox One a month before PC and PS4. In the meantime, if you’re deciding whether to drop Rs 3,499 (Rs 1,800 for the PC version) on the game or not, there’s plenty of videos and livestreams available for your viewing pleasure over on YouTube Gaming.