ONYXAA Offering Absolute Auto Detailing for Special Car Maintenance


New Delhi, Delhi, India
ONYXAA is a one of the recognized auto detailing with products that offer great car servicing with special treatment based in New Delhi. The company owns its ability to offer excellent and world class car maintenance.

ONYXAA is a customer oriented committed to an open, honest and fair relationship, ensures the most advanced protective coatings in the markets. We are the premier and most preferred service provider in the chosen field of auto detailing.

ONYXAA details all your auto care with products that includes an array of treatment for car reservation and maintenance with special protection such as paintwork, upholstery, tires, plastics, rims and glass, Air and Marine surfaces.

Country like India, it has harsh climatic condition without any mercy. It is not just a threat to the human being, flora and fauna but it is emerging threat to the many ceramic coatings of the vehicle that are designed primarily for other countries, which does not last through even a year of abuse under the sun. The metro cities are now a victim of dust, storms, pollution and many others unwanted particles which damages the quality of the car. In the hustle bustle city life, most of who are office goers hardly find a time to wash their car. You need not worry; ONYXAA is on your way to take care on your behalf. ONYXAA can be your savior to resist the scratch of your clear coat.

ONYXAA is a certified with the hardness of 9H, and its services includes that which guarantees the highest hardness of the surface, superior chemical Resistance, Super-Hydrophobic effect, UV Resistance, temperature Resistance and Corrosion Resistance. The services renders are of high quality and with absolute professionalism that ensures complete solution. Depending on the services you require ONYXAA 9H can double the scratch resistance of your clear coat and offers solution.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT for Pre-Booking customers

ONYXAA is offering a special discount of 15% to customers who are pre-booking the services of car services. We offer affordable and comprehensive services in order that every customer avail its benefits from us. We are offering different prices for silver, gold and Interior Coating to check the price ranges, visit us @ www.onyxaa.com/pre-booking

Products offered:

ONYXAA products are based on high global standards of nanotechnology, which basically offers molecular 3D structure. The products are of high quality and offers guarantee that last longer. The products used are of unique ceramic molecular compound formula (Nano-Ceramic) which offers extra protection. ONYXAA is offering various products packages such as: ONYXAA, ONYXAA GLASS PRO, ONYXAA TEXTILE PRO, ONYXAA LEATHER PRO, ONYXAA WHEEL PRO, ONYXAA PLASTIC PRO, and ONYXAA ANTI FOG.

ONYXAA is offering an amendable service with the sole motive to achieve its goals in the world of auto detailing. ONYXAA offers a friendly work structure and atmosphere where both the employees and the customers expect a personal and professional growth.