Kerala Culture Quiz Competition Begins


Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
With the aim of promoting and spreading awareness about Kerala Culture, the Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala is conducting an Online Video Quiz.

Anybody with an interest in Kerala can participate in this unique contest, which ends on 24th March.

Open to those who have completed 18 years of age, the contestants have to register with to participate in this 20 day contest. The questions on Kerala’s artforms, music and architectural wonders etc. will be presented as a video clip with English and Malayalam versions. The competition will be conducted in four categories: Keralites living in Kerala, Non-resident Keralites within India, Non-resident Keralites living abroad and ‘others’ which includes all non-Keralite participants.

There will be four daily prize winners, one each from each of the four categories. If there is more than one winner from any given category, the winner will be chosen by drawing lots.

And for the final mega prize there will be a rapid fire round for the top scorers of the 20 day contest. In the rapid fire session the shortlisted participants have to answer 10 questions randomly selected by the quiz engine in one hour.