Public toilets, crematorium, garbage treatment plants exempted from Infrastructure tax in Goa


The Goa Cabinet has resolved to exempt developmental projects and facilities created in public interest from payment of Infrastructure Tax.

“Facilities like public toilets, garbage treatment plant, crematorium and other places of public interest are exempted from Infrastructure tax. The resolution was adopted during the Cabinet meeting on Friday,” Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar told PTI on Saturday.

The exemption is given by amending Goa Infrastructure Tax Act, 2009.

The tax is was levied on residential, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, agriculture and allied structures, agro-based industrial buildings, recreational and entertainment structures and other buildings.

Parsekar said, “The exemption is granted as there has been a constant demand from the local authorities that the infrastructure tax be exempted for such facilities which are built in the interest of general public.” “The cabinet note which was moved on yesterday mentions that the local authorities have demanded that infrastructure tax needs to be exempted for facilities undertaken for strengthening infrastructure which public toilets, garbage treatment facilities, crematorium, cemeteries, development of garden without involving any tangible economic return,” Parsekar said.

The projects are basically for social benefit wherein the project proponent shall not be required to pay infrastructure tax to the government as such projects does not involve any tangible economic returns, the cabinet resolution read.