Centre exempts ‘white’ industries from green nod


NEW DELHI: In its effort to sync environmental goals with the Centre’s agenda of improving ‘ease of doing business’, the environment ministry on Saturday released a new categorization of industries based on their pollution load.
It introduced a new category – white – having 36 types of non-polluting industries, which will not require environmental clearance for their operation.
Bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticide, organic manure, wind power and mini hydel of less than 25 MW of capacity are among the industries/projects that fall under the new white category.
Releasing the new categorization, Union environment minister Prakash Javadekar said, “The new category of white industries, which is practically non-polluting, will not require environmental clearance (EC) and consent. The exercise of re-categorization was being carried out for last one year. This is a landmark decision to give a fair picture of the industries”.

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Under the new classification, 242 industries are classified under four categories — red, orange, green and white (a new class) — based on their air, water and soil polluting potential. It is expected that the move will help deal with ‘red tape’. Though the first three categories have been in existence for long, the categorizations were made mainly on the basis of the size of an industry and consumption of resources.
The fresh ‘uniform’ classification has, however, been done by Central Pollution Control Board on the basis of pollution index criteria and environmental issues such as generation of emission, effluent and hazardous waste.
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Good decision for implementation.”Bio Plastics” as substitute for POLYTHENE BAGS
( classified as non biodegradable waste and banned for public use) MUST be taken for white Industries as… Read More
Krishna Garg
“Idea of this rationalization is also to make it sync with the Centre’s ‘Make in India’ agenda where the manufacturing sector gets a boost while taking care of environmental concerns”, said an official.
Javadekar said, “Re-categorization of industries based on their pollution load is a scientific exercise. The old system of categorization was creating problems for many industries and was not reflecting the pollution of the industries. The new categories will remove this lacuna and will give clear picture to everyone.
“Twenty-five industrial sectors, which were not critically polluting were also earlier categorized as Red. This was creating wrong impression to everyone.”