‘Sparsh Touch of Elegance’ Launches “Nature Inspired Ring” and “Diamond Studded Bracelet for Women”


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

‘Nature Inspired Ring’

SPARSH Touch of Elegance has launched an exquisite range of diamond jewellery. It has introduced “Nature Inspired Ring”, made of round diamonds and gold of 18 karat purity with enamel work. It is specially designed for traditional wear.
Taking a cue from nature, SPARSH Touch of Elegance has designed the elegant ring. The organic beauty is the muse for this gorgeous setting of diamond and gold, designed to capture the beauty of the nature. For any traditional function, this ring provides a beautiful choice and it can be paired with a wide range of outfits.

‘Diamond Studded Bracelet’

SPARSH Touch of Elegance has launched “Diamond Studded Bracelet” for ladies traditional wear. It is made from enticing fancy colour diamonds with a novel shape and having gold of 18 karat purity.

This exquisite diamond bracelet glitters on the wrist and adds beauty to the woman’s feminine charm. There could be nothing better than this Diamond Studded Bracelet to stand out in a crowd of beautifully dressed women. It is a perfect wear for any traditional function to stand out with exceptional poise and beauty.

About ‘SPARSH Touch of Elegance’

SPARSH Touch of Elegance is an exclusive diamond jewellery brand that has hallmarked products by BIS.

Today, the brand is known for jewellery that creates impression with its sheer elegance.

The SPARSH Touch of Elegance collection offers diamond jewellery in 18 karat gold. SPARSH Touch of Elegance also has an exclusive collection designed for special occasions. The collection ranges from precious gemstones like glittering diamonds, deep reddish rubies, green emeralds, and cool blue sapphires to semi-precious stones like peridot, turquoise, topaz, and tourmaline.

SPARSH Touch of Elegance issues certificate of purity and authenticity with its each delicately crafted masterpiece products.

SPARSH Touch of Elegance, the jewellery collection, shall leave you spellbound with its intricate designs and precision craftsmanship.

So, get mesmerized and pamper yourself with SPARSH Touch of Elegance jewellery.