Satisfazer- A New e-Commerce Marketplace on the Offing Unleashes New Business Model for Merchants


New Delhi, Delhi, India
The e-commerce marketplace is ready to join the $17 billion e-commerce bandwagon which is slated to cross the $100 billion mark by FY2020. Satisfazer has been designed to take care of all digital marketing needs of a merchant aspiring to be online but does not have the resources to boost its business online.

The company was formed out of the inner urge to fulfill the Digital India initiative wherein the company wants to empower each and every retail shop owner and boost their business. “To digitize our local markets, their unique offerings and make them accessible across the world,” informed Ajeet Singh Gahlot, Managing Director, Kairavin- the parent company.

Satisfazer is fast becoming a talk of the town because of its unique online store where it offers complete end-to-end managed services for e-commerce to bring city markets and showrooms online. “There is the associated vanity of shopping. Shopping in markets is like a fiesta. will create the same charm of shopping by bringing local markets/shops online.

“In an era of cut throat competition in e-commerce and digital marketing where the latter has become unaffordable for many startups, we have designed a model where anyone can effortlessly not only be online but also can successfully increase their sales volume in a short span of time. We are not one of those e-commerce players who are after providing products at an unreasonably low price. I think if a product shows value to its customers they are willing to pay the price and there is no need to stoop low,” explained Gahlot. platform is so designed that it provides the merchant complete freedom and flexibility to manage their online store. Using the platform is as easy as child’s play. Security is another important feature that Satisfazer has taken special care.

The company focuses on its customer happiness which drives its organization’s passion, loyalty and advocacy. “Our strategy is focused on the human side of service – emotional bond with customers. e-Commerce traditional business model is based on treating merchants as supply warehouse to fulfill the order. In this process merchants are losing their identity and brand. Now with model these merchants could build virtual showroom in an online marketplace and sell products with their brand visibility to buyers across the country.

About Satisfazer is a New Delhi based Company aimed at providing consumers, sitting in each and every corner of various Indian cities, with a bouquet of products at their disposal through its online e-commerce platform Satisfazer is promoted by Kairavin Business Technologies who are already into e-waste management and Cloud Computing business. is its dream child and not any other resource to be just another e-commerce business. For more details log on to