Here’s a Challenge: Think From the Heart


Goa, India
Alongside the bandwagon of mystery novels releasing this month comes a breath of fresh air in the Self-Help genre. Software Engineer Leticia Afonso debuts with her book ‘Think from the Heart’; a collection of 100 inspirational messages. Published by Kiwi Books, this book aims at helping people regain their confidence and achieve their goals.

Leticia was born and raised in the beautiful state of Goa and, since childhood, has been interested in English literature, thanks to her mother who was an English teacher. Leticia strives to help as many people as possible in her lifetime and looks forward to a happier world. When asked who she thinks should read her book, she confidently states, “I believe inspiration and motivation are not bound by age or gender. Any individual can be inspired and motivated, at any point of time in his life. I wouldn’t say that age is a limiting factor for one who wishes to start on a journey or to turn over a new leaf.”

This book will motivate people of all ages, with messages that will stir people to look beyond their day-to-day difficulties. Leticia says “It is not a rule book that will tell you what to do. It is something that will refresh your mind, and make you happy. And how better can you start your day, if not with a good thought. “

The publisher is quite elated to have put together this collection, ‘Think from the Heart,’ will also be available as an eBook. The author plans to exploit her deep love for poetry and her next venture will be an anthology of poems. Get to know more about her and connect with her on twitter at @leticiaafonso02.