GIBL Goes Mobile To Offer Car Insurance Plans Instantly On The Move


Imagine yourself driving fast to attend an important meeting and irritating traffic signals are slowing you down. In one such break, you suddenly remember that this is the last day of your car policy. You can’t afford to miss the meeting and don’t want to let the policy expire either. Owing to GIBL mobile app, you no longer have to remain caught in two minds as you can now effortlessly renew your policy right from the road, stuck in traffic congestion. It takes just 5 minutes to compare, select and buy. And, you are done with car insurance renewal online even before attending the meeting!

Mobile PhoneGIBL.IN have launched a new mobile app that you can download from Google Play Store and  Apple App Store. When you download the app on your smartphone you can use it for comparing and purchasing insurance policies from anywhere.

This app is free of disturbing advertisements so that you can focus solely on comparing and purchasing auto insurance policies. Furthermore, the app is updated on regular basis to render consumers with latest information and policy quotes. and Here are some key features of the new mobile app launched by GIBL.IN.

Instant access to multiple insurance quotes

You need not to fill up lengthy forms as the GIBL mobile app facilitates easy and instant access to an array of car insurance quotes available online. Furthermore, this mobile app is accessible 24×7. This means you can compare and purchase vehicle insurance policy whenever you are free.

Select from an array of providers

GIBL mobile app lets you compare auto insurance plans from over 25 leading car insurance companies  to select the best car insurance plan that meets your requirements. Apart from car insurance plans, there are another 10 types of insurance policies available for individuals and business organizations can also choose from 17 types of insurance covers. Overall, more than 3000 insurance policies can be purchased through GIBL mobile app.

Neutral comparison of car insurance plans

GIBL mobile app further endows policyholders with unbiased reviews and comparisons of car insurance policies. Since the app doesn’t prioritize any particular insurer, you are all set for an impartial insurance comparison experience.

Get a bargain by calling through GIBL mobile app

GIBL.IN is entitled to negotiate on the base price of car policies. Prospective policy buyers can call from the mobile app and make request for a bargain. This feature of the mobile app can help increase the savings of consumers.

Guaranteed lowest premium rates

Consumers can stay assured of getting lowest premiums while buying car insurance plans through GIBL mobile app.

Pay through secured payment gateway

When you select the best car insurance plan by making the most of the unbiased comparison process  the mobile app offers secured payment options as well. With cyber crimes on the rise, increasing number of consumers are wary of making payment online. To curb this issue, GIBL mobile app have provided policyholders with completely safe and secured payment gateways. You can rest assured of not falling prey to any type of fraudulent activities.

Why should you buy and renew car insurance plans using GIBL mobile app?

Free Roadside Assistance

Free roadside assistance is on offer if you buy car insurance plan using GIBL mobile app. All car policyholders can avail free services like flat tyre support, fuel delivery and towing assistance for free if their vehicles suffer from a breakdown in the middle of the road.

Easy payment options

GIBL mobile app also gives you the opportunity to choose among different payment options such as debit card, net banking, credit card. Consumers can also make payments through the app after buying their favorite car insurance plan.

What lies ahead?

GIBL already have provided policyholders with one-click renewal facility. To renew any existing policy, you just have to take a snap of your existing policy and send it to GIBL via WhatsApp. The professionals associated with GIBL will take care of the rest and your renewal will be done without any hassle.

In coming days, the GIBL mobile app will be armed with enhanced features to provide customers with better services. Features like locating the nearest garage in the network of the insurer, tracking claim status and sending reminder for policy renewal will definitely help policyholders. Later, the app will focus on making claims-settlement process transparent in India. It will enable car policyholders to shoot videos and take snaps using their phones right on the spot of accident and send it to their insurers. This revolutionary feature will prove to be an effective measure for insurers to detect fraud claims and speed up the entire procedure.

GIBL.IN has well and truly made a sensible move to jump on the bandwagon of mobile-commerce. 60% of internet users in India access internet through their handsets as of now. IAMAI-KPMG report estimates that the figure is likely to go past 315 million by 2017. GIBL mobile app is designed to cater to the needs of the tech-savvy generation that stay glued to their smartphones. Although, the words like ‘instant’ and ‘insurance’ don’t usually go hand in hand, India’s premium online insurance marketplace GIBL.IN introduced a smart mobile app to prove that buying insurance can be a quick and refreshing experience too.

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