The First Japanese Product Expo Hosted by Japanese Startup Company in Taiwan


ZipanGood Inc. held ”Quintessential Japanese Product Expo 2015 in far East Department Stores” for 54 days, based on the slogan of “delivering authentic Japan to Taiwan.” A total number of over 300,000 visitors attended the exhibition.

This event got a great deal of attention from within Taiwan because it was unlike normal Japanese Products exhibitions in some ways such as presenter, term and products. On the one hand, normal Japanese exhibitions were held by Taiwanese department stores and short-term like 2 weeks, but on the other hand, ”Quintessential Japanese Product Expo” was presented by a Japanese company and long-term like 54 days. In addition, this exhibition collected exhibitors, which had not ever exported their products out of Japan before.

During the Expo, press conferences and events were broadcasted on 11 TV programs, 21 newspapers, 23 online news and SNS. This exhibition was a big topic among not only customers but also other department stores in Taiwan.

Net sales were approximately 12 million TWD. There were two remarkable points in this exhibition, which were average of sales per customer and proportion of units. First, the average of sales per customer in Quintessential Japanese Product Expo (about 1,775 TWD) was eight times that in other exhibitions (about 200 TWD). Next, the portion of luxury goods was higher than that of other’s (according to our own research). These results showed that this event was visited by people who seek “Authentic Japan” even if the prices were expensive.

ZipanGood Inc. will launch an e-commerce site to give a chance to buy real Japanese goods for Taiwanese and put more effort into searching new goods within Japan to continue supplying new value for customers. We will convey authentic Japan to both online and real-world customers.
In the medium-term, we will expand our business in the other Asian countries.
ZipanGood Inc. will hold ZipanGood Sweets Selection in Pacific SOGO CO., Ltd in July.