Small Japanese Technology Developer Yoshioka Seiko Releases “Hot Vacuum Chuck (HoVaC)” Based on Sub-50μm Ultra-Thin Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Surface Adsorption Technology


Yoshioka Seiko has released a new product called the Hot Vacuum Chuck, or HoVaC for short. The new HoVaC is based on our original “Porous Chuck” products, with an added heater attached to the bottom of the unit. Heating up to a temperature of 250°C allows adsorption of extremely thin materials without causing deformations.

Silicon wafers and other materials are rapidly becoming thinner in the field of semiconductor manufacturing, increasing the difficulty of binding together and polishing these kinds of ultra-thin wafers. Our original product, Porous Chuck, makes it possible to finish surfaces parallel to the adsorption surface with an accuracy of under 5μm, contributing to the improvement of extraction rates in the semiconductor manufacturing industry with peerless accuracy in such a specialized field of processing.

The new device is expected to see various uses including inspection devices, attached to existing processing equipment and as small tabletop experimentation equipment in addition to semiconductor manufacturing.

The HoVaC was created with solid technical expertise that has won over customers for 45 years in the world of high Japanese evaluation standards, the precise accuracy of the micro world, and with absolute confidence on both fronts. If you seek the high quality of strict Japanese standards, are looking for other products such as the prominent Porous Chuck, or wish to know more details, please contact our Shanghai office or Taiwan branch.