Blast from the past brings us together at last

Blast from the past brings us together at last
TV actor Imran Khan and Vaishnavi Macdonald who are currently working together on Star Plus’s ‘Divya Drishti’ have been roped in to be a part of a stage play together in the show ‘Murder of God’. The two are although seen together in the Star Plus show have been friends with each other for a long time now.
Not many know about this but the two actually started with their Bollywood careers together when in 1993 they debuted as two lovers opposite to each other in Anil Sharma’s ‘Karamveer’. This was the first time these two actors faced the camera and were introduced to the industry. They’ve come a long way since then with both Imran and Vaishnavi being a part of the Film and Television industry for more than 25 years now.
Blast from the past brings us together at last
“Imran has been a lovely co-star and a great friend for a long time now. We share a lot of time together on the sets of Divya Drishti and I’ve often seen him rehearse for his theatre performances. I used to read along with him sometimes and when I was told about the plot of this play I was ready to be a part of it without any hesitance and of course, having Imran already there was a big plus.” said Vaishnavi
Imran Khan has been performing this stage play ‘Murder of God’ for some time now and shared his excitement on his ‘Divya Drishti’ co-star and friend Vaishnavi Macdonald joining him, “” I’ve been able to perform ‘Murder of God’ quite a few times now but I’m most excited after I came to know Vaishnavi would be joining us. I know what a fabulous actor she is and more than that she’s a great friend and it would be great fun to have her along for this journey. We started our journey to films and television together with ‘Karamveer’ where we learned a lot and also had great fun. We still look at us in that movie and share a laugh and rejoice to those days. Theatre although requires great enthusiasm and chemistry between the actors performing it and sharing the stage with Vaishnavi would surely be an enhancement to it. ”
‘Murder of God’ is a play written by Akhtar Ali and directed by Mujeeb Khan. Vaishnavi performs this play along with her ‘Divya Drishti’ co-star Imran Khan. Imran Khan portrays the character of a man who claims to have killed God and is held convicted in front of the judge played by Vaishnavi. The story is a satirical comedy taking digs at fake Godmen’s and people provoking thoughts out of society in the name of God.
“The story and concept of the play are wonderful and the kind of atmosphere is created to give the audience the best of experience we recommend them to not think of this as a stage play but an actual court hearing where the convicted defends himself and the state argues. The aim of this act is to enlighten the audience and make them aware of such unpleasant happenings around them.” said Imran Khan about ‘Murder of God’
“I’m really excited to be a part of this stage-play ‘Murder of God’ and have great hopes and expectations from myself that I’d want to able to deliver through the director’s vision. Theatre is quite different from TV soaps or films or web series and my wanting to challenge myself for something different again and again has brought me here. The concept of the play was something new and fresh and also gave out an important message in the end which is necessary for the society nowadays.” said the ‘Divya Drishti’ actress

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