Bandhan Mutual Fund Paves the Way Forward with New Brand Tagline – ‘Badhte Raho’


Bangalore, Bandhan Mutual Fund unveiled its new brand tagline – ‘Badhte Raho‘, an invitation to enrich life. The tagline was derived based on the insight that financial security empowers us to live life to the fullest and ‘Badhte Raho’ encapsulates this philosophy by encouraging everyone to celebrate every joy, face challenges confidently, and embrace the continuous journey of progress. In sync with the vibrant spirit, the refreshed visual design language amplifies the dynamism of the flame in the logo, symbolizing innovation, challenging the status quo, and embracing a playful and energetic approach to wealth management.

Vishal Kapoor, CEO, Bandhan AMC, shares, “We often see and know people who are so concerned with building their wealth for the future that they often forget to enjoy the present. Financial security enables people to enjoy the finer things in life, without worrying about the future. Our unique proposition is to help people enjoy their money today while responsibly building wealth for tomorrow. Badhte Raho distils the essence of our attitude and promises into a simple yet powerful statement that encapsulates our values, vision, and commitment. It is a call to enjoy the present, stay positive, share joy, and explore further possibilities. It’s a nudge to learn endlessly, expand perspectives, and embrace new experiences. It urges everyone to be dynamic, push ahead, and keep evolving. It’s a reminder to transform limitations into steppingstones, and challenges into opportunities to overcome.”

The new brand voice is infused with a touch of playfulness and creativity, using language that engages and resonates with the audience and sets Bandhan Mutual Fund apart from other fund houses. The new imagery combines eclectic mixed-media visuals with graphic illustration and human elements, playfully supporting a clear message. As the brand embarks on this journey, it invites everyone to join in celebrating the spirit of ‘Badhte Raho’ – to keep enriching life, where financial security would allow everyone to revel in life’s myriad joys. Bandhan Mutual Fund would be the steadfast partner in this playful, innovative, and enriching adventure.

To bring the tagline to life, Bandhan Mutual Fund launches two TVCs – ‘Dal Delight’ & ‘Tuesday Celebration,’ focused on showcasing the joy in life’s smaller moments. The multimedia campaign spans TV commercials, in-cinema ads, digital platforms, outdoor spaces, and in-flight magazines, creating a visually captivating narrative that celebrates financial security and provides the ability to afford life’s little joys.

The TVC introduces everyone to the Nema family who enjoy every moment and celebrate the little moments in life. In the first TVC, Dal Delight, the Nema family are seen enjoying home-cooked dal, made by the husband. The neighbour is seen jealously acknowledging the fact that the Nema family celebrate every small thing in life, including dal preparation

In the second TVC, a person delivering a parcel to the house is seen asking the Nema family’s neighbour about the celebrations in the house. The neighbour, just as he did in the first TVC, grudgingly says that the Nema family does not need an occasion to celebrate and that they celebrate everything, including Tuesdays.

Watch Tuesday Celebration


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