Auto Expo 2018: Twenty Two Motors unveils AI and machine learning enabled electric scooter priced at Rs 75K


Twenty Two Motors on Thursday unveiled a ‘smart’ scooter for Indian roads at the Auto Expo – Flow. The electric scooter is AI-enabled and equipped with machine learning technology.

Praveen Kharb, CEO of Twenty Motors said that the scooter has multiple sensors which record data while the scooter is in use. The data is then sent to a cloud server operated by the company.

The cloud server has a digital model of every scooter the company manufactures. The digital scooter will run a simulation of the actual scooter, ahead in time, i.e., if your scooter has run 450 km, the simulation on the cloud would be at 500 km, forewarning the user about the need to replace any spare part such as brake pads, Kharb informed the media persons present at the Expo.

Flow’s engine delivers 2100 watt power at its peak. The engine produces a torque of 90Nm @ 100 rpm.

It is powered by a Li-ion removable battery which can charge up to 70 percent in an hour (fast charging). The charging can be done through a normal household socket. With dual battery, the range of the scooter in one charge is 160 km. The maximum attainable speed is 60 kmph.

Interestingly, the scooter has a reverse mode along with cruise and drag modes. The Flow scooter is priced at Rs 74,740.

The scooter is production ready and Twenty Two Motors aims to produce 300 units a day from its Rajasthan facility. In the first year, the company targets production of 200,000 electric vehicles.moneycontrol

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