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Audi India To Maintain Its Focus On Its Used Car Business In 2021


The used car market has better prospects after the pandemic hit our economy for a simple reason, it has products to offer at more affordable rates. The same also goes for luxury car market and it’s probably the best time for luxury carmakers to focus on their used car business. Audi India that’s been on a roll since last year with multiple product launches is now gearing up to rack up its used car Approved Plus business as well by improving its reach in our country as well as by upping its inventory level. The Audi Approved: Plus business will not only help existing customers to sell their Audis and go for a new one, but will also bring in new customers in the business who may end up buying new Audis at some point of time.

Speaking to carandbike, Balbir Singh Dhillon, Head – Audi India said, “Audi Approved: Plus is also one of our focus areas that we have and from many perspectives. One is from dealer perspective and the most important one is for our customers. If you own an Audi, you should also have a place where you can sell your Audi. Then you should also have an outlet where if you want to enter a luxury segment without owning a new car, you should be able to enter through a pre-owned car business. What it does for us is that it already gives us prospective buyers who will buy a new car in some time to come. So it’s a win-win situation for everybody.”