Take Me Back Series- Reminiscing The Time I Went Backpacking Across Athens Attractions


My wanderlust truly knows no bounds and my bank balance reflects the same. I have splurged way too much cash on my multiple trips abroad, and this one time was no different. I had learned my lesson though, and did end up using many money-saving hacks- like booking from the right platforms, and going in the right season- because I faced it- I am not a party person, and that does not require me to visit during the peak-est of all seasons. 

My partner and I planned the retreat almost on our own- randomly selecting our itinerary for Athens tourist attractions, but as we spent the first day, we did understand that we needed two things- a) a dedicated itinerary with tour packages to facilitate all the moving around and b) a cool guide so we learn more about the many Athens attractions we were visiting outside of Google. 

In this blog, businessfortnight will talk about everything I learned while backpacking across Athens attractions and conjure a few recommendations for the visit. 

Day 1: Exploring The Ancient History Of Athens Must-See Attractions 

I started my day with a visit to the Acropolis and the sacred hill and visited the Parthenon, an architectural masterpiece that has withstood the millennia since its inception. One grave mistake that I made was that I went to a brunch kind of time- which only meant that the entire area was flooded with tourists and shopkeepers. Hawkers and more. I would recommend you to visit the area at the break of light if you want to evade any crowd or mob. The first place that I went to was the Odeion of Herodes Atticus- which once was a heavily popular amphitheatre that used to host many musical performances. The place is still a hub for many art lovers who scour the area for muses of their own. The citadel also houses the famous Acropolis Museum which has some of the most important motifs that narrate the fascinating history of ancient Greece with the many artefacts that unveil the stories of this legendary site. You could also book a tour package like the Athens All Included: Acropolis and Museum In a Cultural Guided Walking Tour to cover most of the citadel and local Athens attractions and understand the lineage of the city with a local guide. 

I missed out on this one place in Athens Greece attractions, owing to my abysmal visiting hours but you can explore the Athena Nike temple- which, in my opinion, is peak Greek architecture and the mystical Erechtheion, with its iconic Caryatids.

For lunch, I visited a local taverna in Plaka for a taste of traditional Greek cuisine in a quaint old neighbourhood of Athens. Why did I choose a local tavern, you ask? The answer was simple- The taverns have a much cheaper rate to offer for more authentic cuisine than a dedicated restaurant. Post lunch, I went for a light stroll through its many narrow streets, filled with the vibrancy of local life.

I Continued my historical exploration of Athens attractions at the Ancient Agora and went for a round of the grounds, near the Temple of Hephaestus and the Stoa of Attalos which reflects the daily life of ancient Athenians. As the sun set, I was in the mood for some more Greek, so I went for an unforgettable dinner experience at a rooftop restaurant in Monastiraki or Thissio, where you can savour Greek delicacies against the backdrop of the illuminated Acropolis.

Day 2: Ancient Agora And Plaka 

I dedicated the next day to exploring more of the Roman Ancient Agora, where I focused primarily on Doric columns and arches and the commercial hub of Ancient Greece. I could have rented a bicycle but went for a light walk through the Stoa of Attalos, marveling at the meticulously restored artifacts and absorbing the vibrant history of the Athenian Agora.

The next point on my checklist was the lively Monastiraki Square, where I visited the charming Flea Market and bought a few local artefacts and souvenirs at a low cost. Plaka was probably the prettiest neighbourhood in Athens with its upscale restaurants, colorful streets, and clean, welcoming atmosphere. My highlight of the day was to visit the famous Library of Hadrian, a hidden gem with a captivating history and countless photo worthy spots.

Day 3: Museums And Marvels

The third day was the most chill day I had in the city. I decided to limit my random visits to Athens attractions and took my own sweet time with my partner and chilled at the hotel itself. The hotel itself was quite a cute place and had the cosiest and the most romantic vibe. 

In the afternoon, I went to witness the Changing of the Guards in Syntagma Square, a spectacle of tradition and Athenian culture, especially on Sundays and continued to the Temple of Zeus with sky-grazing Corinthian columns, and the tranquil Zappeion Gardens. 

As a surprise, I had booked a Private Luxury Dinner Aboard a Moored Yacht tour via Expedia for a cute little date night for the two of us. The package included a cute 3-hour private dinner of delicious Greek Cuisine- all of which, by the way, were made using locally sourced products.


Our backpacking journey across Athens was nothing short of magical. Even though we are back, and it has been months since we have been back, nothing could take the charm of Acropolis or the vibrant streets of Plaka, and the quaint eateries. We did learn the importance of strategic planning while planning our visit to Athens attractions, and you should too. Visit Expedia today to book the best holiday packages for an all inclusive visit to Athens attractions. lifetime.

Make sure that you strike a balance between historical exploration and leisurely moments, so you do not feel lethargic while stepping foot outside the hotel. God knows, I did, until the time I had it figured out with the tours and guided. So, pack your bags and let the city’s timeless wonders leave an indelible mark on your travel story. Until next time, Athens – you’ve been truly magical!

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What is the best time to visit Athens attractions?

Athens is most beautiful during March, April, May, September, October and November and you can enjoy the best. 

What are some family-friendly attractions in Athens?

Athens is mostly family friendly, so you can visit literally any Athens attractions without much of a second thought. 

What are some hidden gems or lesser-known attractions in Athens?

Although not on this journey, I did visit Anafiotika which was a quaint little town and had far fewer crowds, but the coolest vibe. 


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