Appknox Elevates Its Cybersecurity Offerings with the Launch of OneofItsKind BinaryBased SBOM for Mobile Apps in Q2 2023



     Appknox, a leading mobile security testing platform, unveiled a new addition to its Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Solution – the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) feature, with a Binary-based approach.


    After a successful launch of Store Monitoring, Appknox continues to lead the industry with its latest feature designed further to enhance the offerings of its mobile app security solutions. Adding high value to Appknox features, SBOM will enable the customers to uncover the attack surface with regards to any open source and third-party components used in their mobile applications.


    It stands out in the market as the feature uses a binary-based approach as opposed to a source-based one. Analyzing source code can be a time-consuming process, especially for large and complex applications. In contrast, the binary-based approach is generally faster and more efficient. By analyzing the compiled binary files directly, the process can be streamlined, saving time and resources.


    “Appknox has revolutionized the industry with the introduction of our binary-based SBOM offering. This cutting-edge solution enables you to discover the components utilized in your applications effortlessly. By leveraging our SBOM, you can identify any vulnerable components and ensure compliance with industry standards like OWASP CycloneDX. Our commitment to continuous improvement means expanding our coverage and helping you identify various component types and their associated compositions. With Appknox, you can gain comprehensive insights into your mobile app ecosystem, empowering you to make informed decisions about security and compliance.”


    SBOM, or Software Bill of Materials, is essential for Organizations as it helps them gain visibility into potential threats within their software supply chain. The value of SBOM for mobile applications lies in its comprehensive picture: it identifies any third-party libraries and frameworks, allowing developers and security teams to fully understand the risks posed by those components.


    The practical advantage of SBOM: With full awareness of all system components, steps can be taken to mitigate known vulnerabilities and shore up defenses against potential threats.


    Organizations have better insight into their security posture with a complete and precise inventory of all the components, including version numbers, known vulnerabilities, and licensing details. used in their mobile apps. One can identify if the component version used is outdated. Customers may proactively secure their apps and safeguard the data of their users by knowing exactly what components are being used and any known vulnerabilities (CVEs) associated with them.


    With growing ecosystems of software frameworks and libraries, it becomes difficult to track the software supply chain. SBOM is again a way to give visibility on the libraries frameworks your application currently uses and makes it easier to check if any such vulnerable components are used in your app ecosystem. With the rising attacks on Software Supply Chain attacks in the past, such as log4j, XCodeGhost, and others, it is critical for an organization to have such visibility.


    “We are really excited to bring the SBOM feature to our users. This provides valuable insights with respect to the ‘building blocks’ used to develop any mobile application. With the launch of this, we remain committed to the path of enabling Organizations to release secure mobile applications.”


    Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is essential for organizations that strive to demonstrate their commitment to secure software development practices. With a well-constructed SBOM, organizations not only provide assurance to those they work with, but they can also confirm they are striving to meet the requirements of any security standard, such as OWASP CycloneDX. The SBOM serves as evidence of their adherence to best practices to secure their applications and protect user data.

    About Appknox

    Founded in 2014 by Harshit Agarwal and Subho Halder, Appknox is a leading mobile security testing platform. HQ’d in Singapore and Bangalore. Appknox today is one of the most powerful plug-and-play security platforms, which enables developers, security researchers, and enterprises to build safe and secure mobile ecosystems using a system plus human approach. With its VAPT solutions (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing), Appknox has provided end-to-end mobile application security and testing strategies to over 500 businesses & Enterprises globally. Appknox has also enabled some top government agencies with its On-Premise deployments. A champion of Value SaaS, Appknox has been recognized by Gartner as one of the top mobile app security vendors in its 2021 Application Security Hype Cycle report.


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