Anupam Launches New Range of Diaries for 2017


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Anupam (brand of Anupam Private Limited, majorly known as Anupam Stationery) is enabling people to stick to their new year resolutions with their new range of diaries.

In the last month, the brand released new, vivid set of dated diaries for people who like to “get things done”. The company, which prides itself in their 40+ years of dominance in the stationery business, is crafting specialized diaries to encourage people to keep a track of their resolutions.

“We find it exciting and satisfying when people from all age groups and all walks of life look up to us for all their stationery needs,” says Director & CEO of Anupam Private Limited, Mr. Aaryan Gala. “Anupam’s passion and dedication to making quality products is a well-known fact. We feel content when we create something which is not just pretty and durable but is also helpful for people in day-to-day life.”

Anupam is one of India’s largest stationery brands which is in the business since 1973. The company revealed that they take utmost care while designing and manufacturing every product to match the users’ persona. Aaryan added, “Each of our product is thoughtfully crafted keeping in mind the end-users’ requirement. The intricacies are tremendous because we know that, what a product is for us is an object of love for our users – they build their thoughts around it. Hence, we always believe in the philosophy of start a thought.”

The collection is live on Anupam’s official social media pages and available for purchase at Anupam’s flagship store.


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