Americans follow ‘give and take policy’


Hyderabad, July , 2020, the Indo–American Chamber of Commerce(IACC), Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Branch, has organised an Exclusive virtual session with Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha, on Thursday evening.

The virtual session is on “Indo-US Relations” focused on Indo-US Bonding and China Perspective.

Srikanth Badiga, Chairman, IACC AP & TS, Rajyalakshmi Rao, National President, IACC, Vijaya Sai Meka, Sr. Vice Chairman, IACC AP & TS, Ramkumar Rudrabhatla, Vice Chairman, IACC AP & TS and other office bearers participated.

Welcoming the gathering Srikanth Badiga said, “India is emerging as Investor friendly economy to American companies”.

Mrs Rajyalakshmi Rao observed Indo American relations as natural and both nations enjoy strong bonds.

Mr. S. Purnachandra Rao, National Vice President of IACC and National and Regional bodies have also participated

Addressing the virtual gathering of over

500 attendees, Dr Swamy, the articulate and intelligent politician said , historically US works on a culture based of give and take. There is no rationale and no emotions involved. It is as simple a transaction.

Continuing, Dr Swamy added, if India expects American help, we must be ready to serve American Interests. Dr Subramanian Swamy gave his personal illustration how he negotiated in the year 1991 with the US to get 2 billion US $ support to bail out India from foreign exchange crisis as against our support to Americans effort to liberate Kuwait. This is the way to deal with America, he said.

Speaking about present stand off with China, Dr Swamy observed that we don’t want repetition of 1962 situation, where no nation supported us. The US didn’t support us. Though we bonded well with USSR, it didn’t support us saying India is our friend, but China is our brother. So we need US friendship especially as problems are also emerging from unexpected quarters like Nepal. Bangladesh may also toe the same line. So we need American friendship.

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US wanted us to send 20,000 soldiers to be sent to Afghanistan so that American troops could be withdrawn. And in return they promised to support upgradation of Indian defence equipment. US keeps coming up with proposals like this. The crux today is that India must be ready to tell America what it can offer and what we could get from them, he informed.

India can control the Dragon on the high seas by partnering with the US

The joint drills of two nations at the high seas, will deter China. India’s naval power, powered by USA., could be India's answer to Chinese aggression. It adds to Xi Jinping’s woes.

The exercises help New Delhi to not only project its power but, it also adds to Xi Jinping’s headaches as 95% of Chinese exports are routed this route.

The gist is we must be ready to pay the price to the US to get what we want from them.

India must collaborate with the US on innovative projects.

If India continues to record 10% growth rate for ten years we will beat Chinese Economic Power. Our economy was equal to theirs in 1950 and 1980. The gap widened only after China went on modernisation drive, he shared.

The bodies like IACC, will help create an atmosphere to get some benefits from the US, he summed up his talk.


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