ADP India organizes Winter Camp for Employees’ children to augment child growth and artistic development


    ADP, a leading provider of Human Resources Management Software & Services, has reasserted its commitment to employee welfare and personal growth via its ‘Winter Camp’. The month-long camp is oriented towards the engagement and intellectual faculty development of the children of ADP’s valued workforce.

    As part of our support for working parents who have been adapting to the hybrid education model for their youngsters, the Winter Camp provides constructive and exciting courses with a wide range to help augment current learning experiences.

    Over 125 children have enrolled in the camp in its junior (3 – 6-year-olds) and senior (7 – 12 years) batches.  The junior classes enjoyed an array of creative learning including science experiments, cooking without fire, and pencil doll carving among other arts & crafts. It also included fun physical activities such as Zumba, Yoga, and festive dance sessions. For the senior batch, they enjoyed active learning with classes on scratch platform, animation, fashion designing along with virtual games and immersive science experiments.

    ADP India’s Winter Camp is the result of a company-wide analysis to understand and enhance the everyday experiences of those who contribute to its success.  ADP recognizes its continued responsibility for its employees and their families’ wellbeing.

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