5 tips on how to understand the quality of furniture you buy


Buying furniture can be a large purchase and is surely a good investment. We never know if while choosing furniture, whether it would last longer or not. Often we can seem to fall in love instantly with a sofa set or the latest dining table set but it stresses us out wrapping our head around the longevity of the piece of furniture you buy. Out of all the options online or in your nearest furniture store, buying furniture for your house can become really stressful especially when you have no idea how to go about it. One has to keep in mind the prices, the modes of transportation, the durability of the furniture they buy and also most importantly, the quality of the product they choose.

With the help of these tips, one can surely invest in a piece of furniture that would go a long way:

  1. Sturdy frame: Whether you want to buy a study table, a sofa set or the latest dining table set, it is always advisable to make sure that it has a sturdy frame. Having your furniture made by dried oak or beech could be expensive to afford but it sure is a good investment. If you are looking for softer wood such as pine or so on, it might be affordable but it surely would wear off and buckle in the span of a few years. A sofa set made of plastic or metal should always be avoided, even though cheap could crack in a while.

  1. Joinery: The frame should be joined by good joinery like wooden corner blocks, wooden dowels, metal screws and sewed together strongly. These qualify as joineries that would not dislocate the frames of your furniture easily. Abstaining from furniture nailed together is advisable as this can lead to disjoining as the nail loses its ability to hold them together. Also, furniture that is glued together can lead to the dismantling of the sofa set into pieces.
  2. Hand-tied springs: Most springs in your furniture like sofa set and cushioned chairs wear off after a while. Hand-tied springs are extremely expensive but are a good investment in the long run as their chances of wearing off are low. Though serpentine springs are very cheap and are famous worldwide it is always better to avoid them because they wear off too easily.
  3. Having many shelves: If you are looking for a good bookshelf to stack your favorite hard covers or soft covers, then it is always better to delve into the affair and look for a bookshelf that has many shelves. Often times we buy minimalist bookshelves with one to two racks and later on end up buying books with no place to fit them to. To avoid such a fate, buying a bookshelf with many compartments is the best.
  4. Accent chairs: For a comfortable seating one should buy an accent chair. It ensures the design and extra seating space. You should always measure the seating area before buying the latest chair for your home.

Even though looking for furniture to suit your budget and sense of style is difficult but with knowledge and prior research on what your needs are one can choose the best furniture for their house.


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