34-year-old South Mumbai resident recovers successfully fighting off Covid-19 at Nanavati Hospital


34-year-old South Mumbai resident recovers successfully fighting off Covid-19 at Nanavati Hospital

Mumbai: A 34-year-old, South Mumbai resident became a ray of hope for Mumbaikars amidst current Coronavirus pandemic. The woman completely recovered from this disease and was discharged from Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital on Friday.

“I had continuous cold but no cough or fever. I underwent testing on doctor’s advice and it came Covid-19 positive. The psychological impact of being tested positive was worse than my medical condition,” said the patient.

Citing the state-wide lockdown and lack of travelling options, the patient contacted Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital. A special ambulance, equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit was sent to her residence. She was admitted in the dedicated isolation facility for Covid-19 patients on March 24.

Dr. Abdul Samad Ansari, Director, Critical Care Services, said the patient was admitted in the hospital with Covid-19 positive status. “Throughout the treatment, the patient faced no major respiratory distress and remained haemodynamically stable. All her throat swab samples have tested negative of Covid-19 and we are happy to discharge her,” said Dr. Ansari. The patient, as per the guidelines set forth by Public Health Department of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), will follow a institutionalised quarantine before she can return to her home.

“Health-workers have a lion’s share in fighting the pandemic. Covered in a complete protective gear the staff strived dedicatedly for my recovery throughout the treatment. As a personal responsibility, I tried to do small things on my own and avoided calling them repeatedly,” said the patient.

The patient felt that while some individuals are still not taking Covid-19 seriously, many are panicking. “This disease is serious but if you follow all preventive measures, seek timely medical help, give accurate clinical history and maintain a positive approach towards the treatment, you can defeat it. More than anything, psychological strength is as important as the clinical support,” the patient said. “I specially thank Ms. Vandana Pakle, Director, Radiant Life Care, for being a strong support during this vulnerable period. I am truly touched by the warm gestures of entire staff, including Dr. Manish Bhatija, Dr. Chirag Patel and all the nurses, ward boys and staff members whose names I can’t remember. They didn’t hesitate to perform their and treated me by risking their own lives,” she added.

Mr. Manpreet Sohal, Director and Chief Operating Officer, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, said he is proud of the entire clinical team including the doctors, nurses, ward-boys and housekeeping staff who are working tirelessly in hospital’s specialised Covid-19 facility.“We have created an isolation facility including Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for patients diagnosed with Covid-19. Trained staff with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) look after the patients in this facility.

I would like to appreciate the strong and fast steps taken by MCGM to control this pandemic which has affected Mumbai like other parts of the world. I am sure, we shall emerge as winners in this war against Corona virus,” said Mr. Sohal.


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