10 Things Everybody Passionate About Cars Must Know


People say you can analyze what type of a person a man is, by looking at how he grooms himself and by how he cares for his motor vehicle.

But most men know as much about their car as a mechanic knows about software engineering. Here are ten things every man or woman who loves his or her car should know.

  1. Building a tool collection

If you own a car, it is always advisable to build a tool collection. Buy a decent jack, some socket wrenches, lighting, screwdrivers and keep them in your car so you won’t have to run around when you need them.

  1. Learn the basics of a car’s functioning

Performing routine maintenance and repairs becomes easier when you are aware of the basics of a car. It includes how a gear shift works, how a car accelerates and why an engine knocks. YouTube is a good place to start.

  1. Learn each function in your car

If someone asks you what a particular indicator or button on the dashboard does, you should be able to give the answer in a jiffy. You will find all the information you need in your car’s manual.

  1. Cleaning the engine bay

You don’t have to wait for your scheduled car maintenance to clean the car. Why don’t you do so some of the cleaning work? For instance, try to clean the engine by yourself. It is very simple and there are plenty of products in the market for that.

  1. Learn to change the oil

Changing the oil in your car is one of the simplest things you can do. Just go to YouTube and see how it is done. It will save you some money too.

  1. Check your vehicle insurance

Seriously, how many of us check our vehicle insurance papers after we buy it? It is always a good idea to know what covers will be available to you in your car insurance policy so you are not caught unaware if something goes wrong.

  1. Learn to change a tyre

This should probably be the first tip on this list. It may sound strange but it is true. Most people don’t even know how to change a tyre. So don’t delay. Learn to change a tyre. It is quite simple.

  1. Check the fuse

Many car functions are connected to fuses. If the fuse blows, the connected function will stop working. To see which car function is connected to which fuse, check the car manual. It will also save you a bit of money.

  1. Be mindful of the tyre pressure

An under or over-inflated tyre is not only unsafe to drive on, it also ruins your car’ mileage. Ensure the tyre pressure is always optimum. You will find information on proper tyre pressure in your car manual or on the internet.

  1. Clean your car’s fuel system

Like our bodies, a car’s engine also runs better when it is clean. There are many engine cleaners available on the market. Every few months, fill your tank to full and add a bottle of engine cleaning liquid. Use the entire tank before you refill. This should do the job.

There are just a few of the things we thought a car lover should know. Don’t forget to check your car insurance papers. You wouldn’t want it to expire, which can create a new set of problems for you.

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