Zota: Poised to Tap the Potential of its Patented Research “RTFIT”


Surat, Gujarat, India
Zota Healthcare, a Surat based Indian multinational Pharma, has made its mind to put all-out efforts to make RTFIT a mega brand. After commercialization in India and few countries abroad the company has recognized the huge potential of RTFIT in the segment of Liver Disorders and has realized that this brand can be the future of the company in times to come.

While commenting on this news Mr. Ketan Zota, Managing Director of Zota Group of Companies, said that interestingly RTFIT was in the limelight right from the inception. This is Zota’s first research which has received worldwide patents. This unique formulation is the combination of two supporting amino acids which play an important role in normal liver functions. Zota has conducted further research on these amino acids and explored their unmatched benefits in not only preventing but also correcting the vital functions of this delicate organ during many disorders. Though the in-depth research supports its role in many acute as well as chronic liver diseases including viral and drug induced hepatitis, fatty liver diseases and liver cirrhosis, its immense benefits in alcoholic liver disease is getting the maximum attention.

While talking about the current scenario of alcoholic liver disease (ALD) Mr. Zota said that alcohol consumption has increased in recent years all over the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 140 million people worldwide suffer from alcohol dependency, causing damage to lives and economies. In a UK survey in 1994, it is found that 27% of men and 13% of women in the UK were exceeding the safe limits of alcohol consumption recommended by the Royal College of Physicians. Alcohol is the major cause of liver cirrhosis in the Western world. In the USA, 2nd leading cause for liver transplantation is alcoholic cirrhosis. In UK alcohol accounts for 80% of all liver cirrhosis cases seen in district general hospitals and approximately 300,000 people are affected. In Europe, approximately one in four deaths among men aged 15-29 is alcohol-related.

Nowadays alcoholic cirrhosis is also increasingly seen in countries such as India and Japan which traditionally had a low prevalence of the disease. According to a prospective analysis on the profile of Alcoholic liver disease in an Indian hospital, the percentage of adults with 18 years of age and over who were current regular drinkers were 52 percent and the percentage of adults and were current infrequent drinkers were 13 percent. One in five heavy drinkers develops alcoholic hepatitis, and one in four develops cirrhosis. These figures are alarming.

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut therapy for ALD except liver transplantation which is highly expensive, unpredictive and unreliable. In this scenario, RTFIT stands as an only scientifically backed and clinically proven alternative to prevent and treat ALD.

If the facts are true, then one can see the huge potential of such brand commercially which may run in thousands of crores and no wonder that Zota has decided to focus its attention on this segment by introducing RTFIT in all major markets the world over. It is interesting to see a positive response to the introduction of RTFIT. Its benefits will definitely take over the increasing rate of the ailment and cure it. Yet, the feedback of its users is one of the main aspects to look out for.