WhatsApp betters voice messaging, brings status updates to Today View on iPhones


WhatsApp has improved its voice messaging feature on iPhones with its latest update for the iOS. The update allows users to play voice messages even if they switch to other application or turn their screens off. In other changes, WhatsApp status updates can now be viewed on the messaging app’s widget under iPhones’ Today View.

The updated features are available with WhatsApp version 2.18.40 on iPhones running iOS 7.0, or higher. While the WhatsApp status updates in widget is new to the app, the voice message in background has been present in previous versions too. However, some users had complained that this feature was unavailable to them.

Moreover, with the recent update, iPhone users can send crashlogs directly to developers in case their WhatsApp application crashes or faces other bugs. The crashlogs sent to the developers will then be used to rectify the problem in question. WhatsApp is also reportedly working on group video calls, and has adding translations for the Sticker feature, which means a release soon.

The Facebook-owned internet messaging application has released new functionalities to its Change Number feature in a beta version for Android. This WhatsApp update, users can now choose whether to notify some or all of their contacts about their changed contact number. An option to notify the contacts who users have a chat with about the number change is also available.

After entering the old and new numbers required by WhatsApp, a prompt opens asking whether the user wants to notify specific contacts or all of them about the change. Notably, even if users do not opt to notify their contacts, their WhatsApp groups will be notified regardless.

After the process is completed, all messages in the old chat on the recipient’s phone will be transferred to the new one and a new bubble will appear in the chat. This indicates that the sender has changed the number registered with his or her WhatsApp account.businesstoday