What every business needs to know about the iPhone 7


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Although the current iPhones are still making sales, as some countries have only just received their units delivered sometime late last year, rumors about their successor are already making news online. Dubbed the iPhone 7, experts predict that there will be plenty of upgrades from design to hardware that iFans have been waiting for since the unveiling of the iPhone 6s last year.

Apple is certain that they will be able to surpass the sales they made last year with its predecessor, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Earlier this year, the company announced that their current flagships set a new sales record by selling more than 13 million new units in just three days into their launch. However, Apple investors have higher hopes for the next flagship smartphones.

In this post, we will highlight some of the long-awaited features of the iPhone 7 that every business must watch out for to make the most out of this new smartphone game changer in the business place.

Thinner body
One of the known features of Apple’s next smartphone will be its thinner body that may be similar to the iPod Touch. Its width will be around 6.0 to 6.5mm, close to the 6.1mm of the iPod Touch, thus very far from its predecessors’ 7.1mm. To make the slimmer body possible, Apple will be removing the headphone jack and instead including an all-in-one lightning connector that works as both a charger and to listen to music.

Upgraded Touch ID
Don’t expect Apple to jump to the iris scanning technology bandwagon just yet. The company will most likely continue to use Touch ID, but with upgraded security features. In fact, even the new Galaxy S7, which was rumored to come with the iris scanning technology still continue to use the fingerprint sensor than the more advanced biometric scanner. Though as previously mentioned, it will be unlikely that the iPhone 7 will come with iris scanning technology just yet, as Apple commonly takes time to fully appreciate new technologies.

Wireless charging
Given that the company will be adopting the all-in-one connector, users will have to choose between charging their phone or playing music. According to reports, the only solution left will be to adopt wireless charging to ensure that the handset is still charging even when in use. If Apple will be releasing a wireless charging handset, then it will be competing against the newly released Galaxy S7, which O2 mentioned to come with a bigger battery and a wireless charging support. It can do a fast charging of 95 minutes on wired and 130 minutes of full charging on wireless device. But, Apple is also working on having a wireless Bluetooth earphones, which will be sold alongside the iPhone 7 as part of its list of premium accessories. Although Apple is already exploring wireless technologies, there’s no guarantee that it will make it into the finished product anytime soon.

These are some of the most important features that businesses need to know, so they will be able to adjust to the demand of the public. Expect shops to come with the latest payment systems and coffee shops with wireless charging to keep up with mobile trends. What other features do you expect to see on the next iPhone handset?


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