WedMeGood partners with Feeding India

New Delhi, 30th May 2019 – ​WedMeGood India’s largest online wedding planning portalcollaborates with Feeding India,a not-for-profit organization which aims to solve the problem of hunger, malnutrition and food wastage in the country.

Thispartnership is to address the issue of food wastage and hunger in India. In our country there are annually 2.3 crore events, each witnessing 10%-40% of total food wastage. WedMeGood will facilitate in connecting to-be wed couples with Feeding India, for excess food collection from wedding functions, which will be further donated to shelter homes.


Earlier in 2018, Feeding India had also joined hands with Kapil Sharma by collecting excess food from all his wedding functions and serving over 200 meals.

WedMeGood partners with Feeding India

“We’re glad to be in a position to do our tiny bit towards helping those in need. The idea is not only food in any form but that which is hygienic and fit for human consumption, reaching the relevant families quickly enough. Feeding India is a team with both the heart and the resources to do a thorough job on this front; the WedMeGood audience strongly believes in giving back to society during personal celebrations and we’re keen to make this not a fad but the norm.” – Anand Shahani, Co-Founder, WedMeGood



28th May is observed as World Hunger Day. On that note WedMeGood hopes to incorporate and highlight sustainable solutions to eradicate hunger and poverty, one wedding at a time.


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“Tons of good food is wasted every day in Indian events especially in wedding ceremonies. While the hosts and guests have a great time, they often leave behind a lot of excess food, in all wasting upto 40% of food prepared in each function.  This food could instead help someone sleeping hungry. It’s about time that India wakes up to wedding without generating waste. Feeding India’s collaboration with WedMeGood is a leap forward towards this important cause of ending hunger, food waste and making weddings sustainable. We’re proud to see an overwhelming response from brides and grooms as well WedMeGood partner caterers who are coming forward to support the cause. In the first few days itself, many hosts across the country have signed up to donate excess food from their weddings. Moving forward, we plan to partner with all WedMeGood partner caterers. I hope that our proud collaboration at WedMeGood sets an example for other countries to follow suit.”Ankit Kawatra, Founder, Feeding India