We don’t yet know what the next iPhone looks like, but its accessories are ready


Apple will definitely launch a new iPhone this year, as it has always done every year since 2007 when the first-generation iPhone was announced. We are still a few weeks away from Apple’s official announcement regarding the 2017 line-up of the iPhones, but the obsessive expectation is at its peak. The rumour mill is in overdrive, suggesting potential model names, specifications, design renders and even prices, for the upcoming devices. While the rest of us wait and watch, accessory makers are already making and selling new accessories for the upcoming iPhone, based on all the rumours and leaks about the design and features.

Accessories are serious business. Research firm Allied Market Research suggests that the smartphone accessories market will rake in as much as $107.3 billion by the year 2022.

Some of the leaked mock-ups of the next iPhone (at least one of the variants) suggest that it’ll be slightly less tall than the current iPhone 7, and will have its dual camera setup aligned vertically on the back panel. Accessory brand Case-Mate says, “A huge iPhone redesign is on the horizon. We’re ready with iPhone 8 cases that promise to be innovative, with the same reliable protection, quality materials, and premium style you’ve come to expect from Case-Mate. Our latest releases are here just in time for the iPhone 8,” though they are holding off on actually showing the exact cases at the moment. In fact, the website seems to confirm that there will be the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 7s.

Another brand, Design Case, which uses Turkish leather for its smartphone cases, has gone a step ahead. The company wrote on its online store, “We have started our Sample Production of the New iPhone 8 Leather cases already and we are hoping to shipment before the launch to Pre-Ordered customers.” The website then proceeds to show off three of iPhone 8 cases.

Online store MobileFun is already selling multiple accessories, including cases for the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 8. The iPhone 7s cases, at least what is on sale at present, suggest a design not very dissimilar to the current iPhone 7—the single camera module at the back remains, apparently.

The iPhone 7s Plus cases also suggest that the design remains similar to the current iPhone 7 Plus, for whatever the visuals are worth. The big change comes with the iPhone 8 apparently, which has a different aspect ratio, a much thinner bezel and the dual camera setup is now vertically placed. Also available is a tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 8, made by a brand called Olixar. This seems to suggest that the front panel of the iPhone 8, around the screen, will be black in colour—at least on one of the colour options that may eventually go on sale.

RAVPower, a company that makes power accessories for smartphones, seems to suggest that wireless charging will be a standard feature in the next iPhone. The new charging pad is designed, according to the company, to support “the next generation iPhones”. You can reserve one on their website; it has a power rating of 10 watts.

While we would take all the leaks and rumours with a pinch of salt, the release of these accessories could actually point to something concrete. After all, accessory makers have advance information about the specifics of soon-to-be-launched products, which could indicate why these brands are very confident about the accessories they have made. However, we would suggest holding off on spending money on any of them for the time being, even if you have saved up to buy the next iPhone.