Watch: This robot solves a Rubik’s cube in under two seconds


Despite being a few decades old the Rubik’s Cube still holds our fascination, as obvious from the number of record attempts at solving one. Fastest solution, fastest blindfolded solution, and fastest robot solution as well, are all existing world records for the puzzle.

The record for quickest time for a robot to solve a Rubik’s Cube was 3.253 seconds, back in 2014. Now, Jay Flatland and Paul Rose say they’ve got a robot that beats the old record, at a staggering 1.196 seconds. The duo custom built their robot with a 3D printed frame to hod the cube, and stepper motors. The motors have tiny 3D printed “feet” attached to them, that slot into the centre square of each side, which are then used to turn the dials. In addition are four high resolution webcams to let the robot know the state of each side of the puzzle. All of this, in turn, is attached to a Linux PC that determines the state of each of the cube’s sides, and then feeds that through an algorithm that moves ahead solving the puzzle.
Flatland and Rose captured the tests on video and have applied for a world record. Check out the video for yourself, down belo