Watch: A Tesla P90D drag races against a Boeing 737-800


With Twitter and Facebook feeds abuzz with Tesla’s newest and most anticipated Model 3 ‘affordable’ electric vehicle (which also happens to be headed to India,) it’s easy to see why the future of clean cars looks so exciting. The newest in the line of its two precedents–the venerable P90D supercar and the Model X SUV–it’s also the one tasked with truly taking the Tesla brand to the masses.
From introducing their famed ‘Ludicrous’ mode that lets loose all the vehicle’s electric power to deliver acceleration capable of making a Porsche 911 Turbo blush, to an ‘autopilot’ mode that can take care of mundane city driving, Tesla’s cars are the stuff every nerd’s wish lists are made up of.

And every now and again we have demonstrations of how far electric propulsion technology truly has come along, many of which are in the form of meaningless–though thoroughly enjoyable–head-to-head X versus Y races.

This time around, we have a typical David versus Goliath setup–on one end of a runway a Quantas Boeing 737-800 (39.5 meters long, 79 tons fully laden, 26,300 pounds of total thrust,) and on the other a top-of-the-line Tesla P90D (5 meters long, 2.4 tons fully laden, 762 bhp in Ludicrous mode.) Seems like a fair fight?