Veteran actress Usha Naik now shakes a leg with sports shoes in Milind Ukey’s upcoming Marathi movie Monsoon Football.

The woman who brought immense light in Marathi cinema with her high spirit, charisma and the challenging characters all along, Usha Naik now joins the team of Monsoon Football with Sagarika Ghatge, Chitrashi Rawat, Vidya Malavade, Pritam Kagne and Delnaaz Irani which is directed by Milind Ukey. Despite being a dancer in her life, Usha Naik chose to challenge the stereotype and shake a leg at football.


She is very well known for her time changing movies like Samna and Ek Hajarachi Note. She also played in multiple serials which received great affection towards her character in the series and ever since she has been experimenting with the kind of roles that challenge her positive spirits to go the extra mile. Being the epitome of positivity, she preaches mental peace and bright vision of positivity.

She will be seen doing yet a challenging role in Monsoon Football wherein the story revolves around the lives of women who desire to change their fate and do more than just being a housewife. When we asked Usha Naik about her experience she says, ‘’I’ve been working for a long time now. I began as a group dancer and now I have enacted in over 100+ movies and I’m proud of what I have earned. I’ve always loved my work and my work has loved my dedication.

Despite the number of movies and characters I’ve enacted in the past, Monsoon Football has been that ray of light to my vision which made me challenge my skills and energy and bring out better with each performance. I’ve earned my name through the energy, spirit and the positivity I eliminate and believe in and I don’t believe in living Royally but Happily.

I’m beyond happy to be a part of Monsoon Football and work with Milind Ukey. When I heard the story the first thing I told myself was that maybe my legs would pain for 2-3 days, maybe it’ll be a hard time to catch up but this movie is sure to make history and If I could contribute in any way, the pain wouldn’t matter’’ ”I am honored to work with Ushaji, I’ve grown up seeing her electrifying dance performances as a kid and I never thought that I’d get the opportunity to work with her for my own movie. During one of the photoshoot for Monsoon Football, I was astonished to see Ushaji carrying the same grace and energy at this age that I witnessed in her performances as a kid. She is definitely

the queen of expression and full of positive energy, the entire team is beyond excited to work with her.” Says the director of Monsoon Football, Milind Ukey.