Update your WhatsApp chats backups; they might be deleted from Google Drive soon

Keep an eye out for your WhatsApp chat backups on Google Drive — they might be deleted if you haven’t updated them for over a year.

Update your WhatsApp chats backups; they might be deleted from Google Drive soon

However, this doesn’t mean the chat data on your existing phone (which you’ve been using for well over a year) will also be deleted. It will only affect those migrating their chats from one phone to the other or those who have reinstalled the app for some reason.

Creating a WhatsApp chat backup is pretty simple:

Simply open WhatsApp tap on Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat backup.

Then tap on “Back up to Google Drive” and choose a frequency other than “Never”.

You’ll require your Google account to do this, so remember your login credentials while doing so. You can also select the Google account you’ve used to link your Android device.

We recommend using a WiFi connection while backing up for better speed and avoiding additional data charges by your internet service provider.

The world’s most popular instant messaging app also confirmed on its blog that starting Monday, November 12, WhatsApp backups will no longer count towards the Google Drive storage quota.

This basically means that if you’re using the free Google Drive plan with 15GB, you’ll be able to backup your WhatsApp media separately, without using up your original quota.

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