‘Halo’ character guesting in ‘Killer Instinct’ Season 3


The third season’s worth of updates to be visited upon Xbox One game “Killer Instinct” will see “Halo” character The Arbiter jump into the mix.

The revived fighting game franchise “Killer Instinct” provides the Xbox One with an exclusive, 1-on-1 fighting game, part of the same genre as “Street Fight V” (a PlayStation 4 and PC title) and the multiplatform “Mortal Kombat.”

The Arbiter, first introduced in 2004’s “Halo 2,” is an outstanding soldier and a figure of hope for his alien race. According to the “Halo” backstory, a number have existed, and 343 Studios sees the “Killer Instinct” instance as an “amalgam of historical Arbiters.”

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“Killer Instinct” is free, with extra characters, costumes, and season bundles available for purchase.

Season 3 is expected March 2016 on Xbox One, and as the game’s Windows 10 PC debut. Rash from 1991’s now-iconic “Battletoads” was previously revealed as another guest character.