Underprivileged Children To Get Notebooks Under ‘Right To Write’ Mission Of CII Young Indians



Bhopal, 11 April 2016: In the last few years, the ‘Right to Write’ activity started by the CII Young Indians has brought happiness to the underprivileged children of the society. Under the activity the volunteers of CII-Young Indians collect used old notebooks from schools and rebind the unused pages to make recycled notebooks.

The project started in 2013, has followed a great path of supporting the needy young minds by channelizing the unused materials of the urban mainstream schools. On an average, around 2000 notebooks are prepared after a collection from around 50,000 students.

Project chairperson Ms. Shweta Kataria said “It is a great step towards developing a habit of optimum utilization of resources available in and around the society in to the minds of the kids. The Young Indians works in association with several NGOs, through whom the text books are distributed free of cost to the needy kids. The solo motive of the activity is to provide needy kids with the necessary stationary items which they can’t afford to purchase. From last year only, text books donation has also started along with notebooks and some of the text books were also distributed in Banganga Slum School”.

Mr. Rakesh Sukhramani, Chairman CII Young Indians Bhopal says, “It is important for us to channelize the unused or the recyclable material from the City schools to the children of the much weaker section of the society. Right to write is an initiative appealing the citizens to share their resources to create a better future for those who are not lucky enough to do so.”

To collect the school textbooks and notebooks, CII Young Indians have opened up small counters at Top N Town, Bake N Shake, Pind Baluchi, Greek Food & Beyond and Brain Key outlets to receive the drop bys. Dedicated people and Schools can also collect used books and deposit them to CII office at E2/109 Arera Colony Or Chhabra 555 Next to National Hospital, Arera Colony Bhopal. The notebooks prepared this year will be distributed to the children on 15th of August by Young Indians.