Twitter to make big changes! Colour-coded replies, Facebook like updates and more

Twitter hasn’t changed much for ages. There have been small tweaks and new features but the basic design has more or less remained the same. However, all that is set to change and Twitter is planning its biggest change in years. According to the reports, Twitter will launch a beta program for select users for testing purposes before the grand rollout. Some of the features look exciting would go a long way in enhancing conversation on the platform. The much needed design change comes at a time when Twitter is looking to change the way people communicate by reducing hateful and abusive discussions.

Twitter to make big changes! Colour-coded replies, Facebook like updates and more

Lets take a look at some of the features that might see the light of the day soon.

Colour coded replies: A much needed feature that should have been introduced much earlier. The feature will help users to distinguish between the replies from people they follow and from others whom they don’t. A reply from somebody you follow will have a green label and the replies from ones you do not follow will have a blue label. Techcrunch, who had access to the initial build of the Twitter app, said that the colour scheme being used is excessively saturated – it will be toned down when the features launch to testers.

Engagement buttons: Remember, those hearts we click on to ‘like’ a Tweet? Twitter is planning to hide those. The heart would appear only when the user clicks or taps on the post. This new change would simplify the layout, thereby improving the overall quality of the conversation.

Algorithmically arranged replies: Twitter is planning to implement algorithmic sorting of replies just the way it has implemented it in the main Twitter timeline. These may now show up in a ranked order, so that you don’t miss the important ones. Tweets from your friends will automatically move to the top.

As per the Techcrunch report, Twitter is also testing icebreakers that will let you start conversations and a status update field just the way you have it on Facebook.

By making the above mentioned changes, Twitter wants the platform to be safe and less confusing. “We have some work to do to make it easier to discover,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, adding that right now the platform is “more about people than interests.” Twitter still has a long way to go to make its product attractive and keep people engaged.

source: businesstoday