Targeted Radiation Therapy a better option for Breast Cancer Treatment

Alwar, Dec, 2018: Indian Medical Association (IMA) Alwar  branch in association with Delhi based Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre 9RGCI&RC)held a Doctors Meet at IMA Bhawan Alwar to share new approaches to treat breast cancer.

Dr Swarupa Mitra, Senior Consultant & Chief of Gynecological and Genitourinary Radiation Oncology at RGCI&RC spoke on Newer Techniques in Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer.

Targeted Radiation Therapy a better option for Breast Cancer Treatment

According to Dr Mitra, there are three ways of treating a cancer – Surgery, Radiation and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is given after surgery to prevent any recurrence of cancer. Radiation kills cancer cells but normal cells also get affected. Now targeted therapies like 3DCRT and IMRT have made it possible to target selected small areas and normal cells are protected. At Alwar meeting Dr Mitra discussed about Breath Controlled Radio Therapy which is far more advanced and provides good quality of life to breast cancer patients.

Dr Kumardeep Dutta Chaudhary, Consultant – Medical Oncology at RGCI & RC made a presentation on Approaches & Recent Updates in Breast Cancer. According to Dr Dutta, breast cancer is number one cancer in women in urban India. Even younger women who are in their 20s are also falling a prey to this cancer.  Sedentary lifestyles, processed and junk foods and insecticides in food are leading to an increase in incidence of cancer in the country. He advised everyone to be physically active, eat home cooked and healthy foods and wash fruits and vegetables before eating.

Dr. Tayyab Khan, President IMA Alwar thanked the guest speakers from RGCI & RC and all those present on the occasion.