Success story of Mitali Munjal- PRODesigner &Lifestyle Exhibition organizer.

Experiencesand trainings are the streamlining process of becoming a professional. But when we talk about Mitali Munjal, 24, Designer,Founder and Managing Director of Suhanee Events Horizonfrom Chandigarh; is the one who converted her dreams into professionalism and heading one of the leading Exhibitions in India at a very young age. She started as an Exhibitor in the age of 19 by enrolling her participation in different Mega Exhibitions in India and an International level. She follows the philosophy of “Keep only Possession that sparks joy and success”. In one of Her Exhibition Days she came out to be as one of the unique personality amongst the other.She took upa very creative Idea of Repurposing used old dresses and Sarees taking an approach of her own designing skills into stunning work of New Designer outfits to improve the efficiency of her exhibition stall not only eliminating unnecessary expenditures but also very cost effective and making it look attractive.Mitali since then always penchant for creating her own organized space where she can call for high end luxury brands.

According to Mitali “Opportunity does not always knock on the door. It is what you should snatch it and make it best out of it.”

How Success Came from Real Life Examples.

Losing a parent is one of the hardest thing that can happen to you. Mitali was 14 pursuing her class 8 studies when she lost her father in a devastating accident. Since her dad died, Mitali and her elder brother were raised by their Mother who was a teacher for more than 22 years, journalist and also a designer. The team of three always carried quintessential image of being responsible, hard work and fearless despite of facing frequent problems in life. Mitali’s Mom and her elder brother motivated her to keep herself focused in life and away from the consequence of disturbance which may manifest by the society. Mitali’s Father was heading one of the stores of Avon cosmetics in Punchkula Sector 20, one of the leading cosmetic brands in India. He was also into hard-core designing apparels, artistry work of arts, preparing clay modelling for the museums etc. Learning from her parents she became very diligent and passionate about designing from a very young age.

Her Journey

After the death of her father Avon cosmetics is now leaded by Mitali’s Mother who become one of Top leaders among Chandighar, Mohali and Punchkula and successfully made the profit of 1 core in a very short span of1 year.
Mitali’s greatest inspiration is her mom and brother who has always looked up to her whenever she is stuck.
Mitali pursued her education and exceptionally meritorious in an Army school and after 12th later continued to pursue her graduation in BCA (Bachelors in Computers). In the 1st year of her BCA she learned every nuance about exhibitions from one of the local exhibitors in town and started exhibiting in Punjab and Haryana. She came out to be the shiniest personality also in an International level.

Her designing apparels where showcased by one of the leading fashion Shows in Dubai and appreciated by many internationaldesigners, celebrities and participants belongs to India and Pakistan.

After coming back to India from a successful business trip of Dubai. Matali decided to organize her own Exhibitions and fashion shows rather than picking up a choice of going different countries for exhibiting. Mitali started placing fewexhibitions in Kisan Bhavan Chandighar for a trail with the name of“Global Fashion Lifestyle & Home Decor Exhibition” turned out to be the most professional Exhibitions in the city.

After getting very good responses from the dealer and customers. She started to incline all her exhibitions and fashion shows in 5 start hotels in Ludhiana and several other places.

Mitali came up with an amazing concept of “Veer Di Veera”.Abrother sister Fashion Show to emphasise the pure bond between siblings and since it was the. This was the turning point of her life as it came out to be one of the leading luxurious exhibitions in India. The concept was developed and inspired from the bond between her and her brother. They are like a protective layers for each other in any incident of life.

Mitali since than never looked back and came up with back to back Lifestyle | Home Decor Exhibition with the concept of Veer Di Veera.

Her Upcoming Exhibition

Veer Di Veera, wedding and lifestyle exhibition. On July 7-8 2018. With pitching a Monsoon wedding Concept this time. Which is likely to showcase Superior quality beauty products, wedding apparels, Home décor’s, jewelleries etc.will be offered by high end premium and luxury brands.

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