Storytellers 101 PR, India’s only new-age PR consultancy that encourages virtual and remote working completes 2 years!

Mumbai, 2018: Founded by seasoned PR consultants Rashmi Shetty and Leon de Souza, Storytellers 101 encourages the concept of work-from-anywhere/ remote/ virtual work place and has successfully completed two years this August. In these two years they have serviced over 25 clients and amongst them there have been brands like Diebold Nixdorf, Chumbak, Cube Wealth, Toniq Accessories, Supari Studios, Triton Communications, The Bro Code, Capstone People Consulting, West Coast Adventures, The Carer Program, Metropolis, Milaap, HI5 Youth Foundation, CLFMA and a host of others.

The idea of Storytellers 101 was formalised when Leon and Rashmi decided to bring to life the intent of creating a virtual enterprise of professionals across the country. This intent coupled with stringent practices and protocols has given rise to this entity where the clients are offered unique PR solutions befitting their brands in a cost-effective manner. The employees too are more focused and innovative what with their travel time cut by a huge extent! They also have time to pursue their other interests enabling a happier work force which looks at work in a fresh perspective every day.

Leon says, “An agency does not give its employees the opportunity to work on other assignments. Many a time, PR professionals never leave their offices and are working round the clock. After leaving my previous employer, I took up freelance assignments for several brands, some of who continued to work with me for over a year. This was way back in 2013. I didn’t join an agency after that and this journey culminated into Storytellers 101 PR.

I have realised that when employees are happy, it shows in the way they work. Imagine not having to brave traffic, and long travel hours? PR has moved away from having plush and swanky offices to a sophisticated virtual access. Our people only need a phone and a laptop, and they are good to go. This along with maintaining relationships with clients and the media fraternity.

Brands are slowly getting open to the idea of working with remote working consultants if they see the required passion, dedication and the commitment.”

“Storytellers 101 is a specialised agency with a network of talented professionals. It is just that we choose to work remotely. This way, we manage to create a perfect work and personal life balance, the result of which is seen in our work and the output we manage to achieve.”

Adding to this Rashmi says, “It’s all about professionalism at the end of the day. The onus when anyone joins our network and becomes part of Storytellers 101, is on them. We believe that when you have the freedom to manage you work day to accommodate your personal responsibilities or follow your hobby/ passion you work much better and deliver creatively achieving the oft elusive work – life balance. For brands and businesses who put their faith in us, not only does their work get done in a personalised manner and more effectively; they also become part of a change in the way the PR industry functions. Collectively, we are ushering a change that is needed at this time and age.”

The Storytellers 101 Communications team offers PR as its core offering which includes media and influencer outreach coupled with counsel of specific engagements that each brand needs to cater to their business goals. The focus is on 360-degree communication with storytelling at the heart of every client campaign/ brand outreach. Two years down having serviced over 25 clients with a growing team, this story of Storytellers 101 has just begun!

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