Socomec Showcases its Next Generation Technology at Elecrama 2016


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Socomec a world-renowned manufacturer and undisputed leader in UPS systems, changeover switching, PV switching and energy management, will present its next generation power & energy management solutions at Hall 4B Stall No. H4G50 at Elecrama 2016, Bengaluru between February 13th – 17th 2016.

INOSYS LBS Load Break Switches:

INOSYS LBS the perfect combination of proven switch technology with remote tripping function from Socomec specifically engineered and tested for the most demanding applications.

Total reliability and guaranteed safety, combined with low maintenance costs, are vital when selecting components for integration in your DC distribution. Photovoltaic and DC installations must be able to perform in all conditions, including the most extreme operating environments. INOSYS LBS are multi-polar load break switches with tripping function for DC distribution applications requiring high reliability, compliance with multi-standards and suitable for safety applications such as firefighter switches.

Thanks to its patented technology, INOSYS LBS switches provide high switching performance in a very compact footprint. Fully immune to any voltage perturbation, they are designed and tested to withstand high-temperature fluctuations and to guarantee fast operation under any conditions. They can be used for firefighting operations to completely disconnect any dangerous voltage in the electrical installation.

Power adapted to future demand:

The rapid technological changes in IT systems mean that the electrical supply infrastructure needs to be increasingly adaptable and responsive to future demands. Ease of upgrading has become crucial to ensure the power supply in the short term and the adaptation in the long term of many electrical facilities. And there is a further advantage to having scalable systems: they allow quick deployment at a better cost.

DELPHYS Xtend GP – scalable hot-swap UPS systems up to 1.2 MW:

DELPHYS Xtend GP is a UPS system whose total power output can be upgraded by the addition of power blocks in order to meet increases in load demand. The system allows the electrical facility to evolve without any impact on the existing infrastructure. During power upgrades or during servicing of the blocks, the load remains completely protected by the double conversion (“on-line” mode).

DELPHYS Xtend GP is the innovative solution for protecting critical loads, especially large data centres, large telecom infrastructures, healthcare buildings, and more generally, any service or industrial applications that have many loads.

The “hot-scalability” or “hot-swap” function means the total power of the system can be upgraded without interruption to service continuity, within the limits of the requirements initially stated by the customer. Total power can thus reach 1200 kW by the addition of 200 kW modules. This function is assured by pre-wired units (Xbays) that connect or disconnect the power blocks (Xmodules) without modifying the surrounding electrical infrastructure. Even when complete, the system remains open to future evolutions. Easy to install and implement, the system ensures safety during servicing operations, for both technical operators and users. Based on a concept of flexible “bricks”, the DELPHYS Xtend GP system adapts to any type of infrastructure and environment.

To check its back-up function and its correct operation, the DELPHYS Xtend GP UPS integrates a BCR function (Battery Capacity Re-injection) that tests the level of charge it the battery. This function, developed by Socomec is an especially interesting innovation that provides cost savings (reduced TCO): simplified infrastructure, energy savings, faster programming, etc.

MODULYS GP – modular UPS from 25 to 600 kW:

Another scalable UPS solution with the Green Power 2.0 technology is the MODULYS GP range. The principle is the same: the power output by a single MODULYS GP unit can be scaled from 25 to 200 kW via the addition of power modules that are stacked vertically within the same cabinet.

The new feature is its horizontal modularity: it is now possible to link up to three cabinets in parallel to have a system able to provide a total power output of 600 kW. Designed with no single point of failure, the solution provides total redundancy of N+1 or N+2.

The MODULYS GP UPS provide a highly available power supply solution for critical applications present technical IT rooms, data centres, banks, healthcare establishments, insurance companies and telecommunications. With two levels of extension available, the user can meet unpredictable power demand at the best cost.

MODULYS RM GP – a modular UPS system for integration in 19″ racks:

The quality of the MODULYS GP is now also accessible for users who want to integrate the UPS function in existing 19” racks. MODULYS RM GP is a three-phase UPS system for protecting critical loads has been specially designed to be incorporated into 19” rack cabinets. It can comprise up to 4 modules of 25 kW.

Easy to integrate, use and service, it is extremely compact and leaves sufficient space for other devices to be mounted on the racks.

Green Power 2.0

The UPS solutions using the Green Power 2.0 technology offer the same advantages:

Output efficiency of up to 96%,
Reduced power bills and cooling costs when operating in VFI mode,
Unitary Power Factor (PF = 1) that ensures an excellent INR / kW ratio,
Levels of performance certified by Bureau Veritas.

Conformity to standards

The entire Green Power 2.0 range complies with the recommendations set out in the European Code of Conduct (CoC) governing data centres in order to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The range is also covered by a Product Environment Passport (PEP). All the ranges mentioned above are designed, tested and manufactured in Europe.

Secure switching for all applications

In view of the improving industrial segment, considerable investment is taking place in the form of infrastructure development, commercial and residential constructions. To meet the increasing demand of power supply availability, Socomec has wider range of Automatic Transfer Switches, the worldwide benchmark in integrated power switching. The product family comprises four ranges providing different functions and allowing various switching contexts such as mains-to-mains and mains-to-genset.

Advanced Measurement and Monitoring System

Twenty years after shaking up the electrical measurement market with the DIRIS system, the first multi-measurement solution, Socomec is once again leading the way with its latest technological innovation: DIRIS Digiware, a totally modular and flexible energy measurement and monitoring system.

What is DIRIS Digiware?

A simple solution for building a modular measurement system. The system comprises as a minimum a display unit, a voltage measurement module, multiple current measurement modules and current sensors.

More precisely, the DIRIS Digiware modular system is based on:
A centralised display and a single voltage measuring point for the entire system: DIRIS Digiware offers an effective function-sharing capability.
Current measurement modules that are interconnected via the Digiware bus (RJ45 cables) for measuring energy consumption at the closest point to the actual loads. Each module can monitor one or more circuits via the current sensors by means of independent current inputs (3, 4 or 6 depending on the modules). With 3 inputs, a current module can monitor a three-phase circuit or 3 single-phase circuits.

These four elements constitute the heart of the system. For applications without local display, the DIRIS Digiware C-31 system interface centralises all of the system’s data. The data from the DIRIS Digiware modules and remote units is centralised on one or more DIRIS G communication gateways. Each gateway includes a WEBVIEW web server for monitoring electrical parameters in real time and for analysing energy consumption data.

An optional touch-screen tablet completes the system. It can be panel-mounted and is connected by Wi-Fi (via a router) for providing information to energy management software. For remote monitoring points, the user can also use the DIRIS B-30 measurement units with wireless or RS485 communication.

Advanced technology, made easy:

The apparent simplicity of the concept is the result of Socomec’s expertise in electrical measurement and communication technologies, as well a clear vision of what the measurement systems of tomorrow should be: accurate, flexible, multi-circuit, plug & play and cost-effective.