Smartbox to Solve Last Mile Delivery Challenges for E-commerce Companies

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Smartbox introduces India’s first network of automated parcel delivery terminals for online shoppers. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company has launched preliminary phase with 12 terminals installed at primary metro stations and business centers in Delhi NCR. Smartbox plans to expand to 1,000 locations in top 8 major cities in India by the end of 2016.

Today’s busy online shoppers are either unavailable at home or busy at office which results in delayed delivery, delivery reattempts, or just unwanted courier coordination for an already short-on-time consumers. Now, these shoppers can choose a Smartbox terminal near their office or home as a delivery option at the time of check out while shopping at our partner eShops. When the parcel arrives, consumers will receive an OTP that can be used at Smartbox terminal to pick-up the parcels at a time convenient to them.

Smartbox will simplify online shopping experience for shoppers with its mix of technology and smart infrastructure. The first of its kind service proposition will help e-commerce companies reduce high costs and challenges associated with the last mile delivery of parcels. Smartbox terminals will facilitate 24*7 availability of a physical address for online shoppers to collect their parcels as per the time and location of their convenience.

Smartbox uses cutting edge technology and smart physical infrastructure to store, track, notify and deliver. The cloud-based system is robust and scalable that integrates easily & quickly with e-commerce portals. Partner e-commerce companies will be able to further strengthen their associations with their consumers by offering new and innovative delivery options with Smartbox.

Smartbox Ecommerce Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is founded by Amit Sawhney. He has successfully built one of India’s largest customer communications management company which work with various consumer facing businesses – BFSI, Telcos and Utilities. Smartbox is his second innings along with his team to revolutionize customer experience of online shoppers. “We are getting an overwhelmingly positive response from most e-commerce companies and are in advanced discussions to partner with several leading eShops. Our mission is to create a large network of terminals at various convenient locations across the country to help everyone in the e-commerce eco system”, says Amit Sawhney.