Sankyo Air Tech. Announces URUORICH Ultra-clean Air Humidifier Is Now Available in China


Sankyo Air Tech. Co.,Ltd. (Japan) is proud to introduce that “URUORICH” Ultra-clean air humidifier is now available in People’s Republic of China.

“URUORICH” is an air purifier humidifier developed and manufactured in Japan for mainly business use, which has powerful and clean air humidifying performance, and had been released in Japan on 2008. Sankyo Air Tech. has already introduced over 12,000 units (as of Jul 2015) into many customers in Japan, for example offices, hospitals, elderly homes, mansions, etc.

Highlights of the “URUORICH”:
100% made in Japan.
“High efficiency enzyme air filter” can capture over 95% of minimum 0.3μm particles including PM2.5 or pollen, and can also sterilize over 99% of captured bacteria and viruses.
“Pure water permeable membrane” can generate over 2.2kg/h of vapor, which is filtered through this membrane, resulting only includes pure water vapor, does not include any impurities or bacteria.
“Plasma ion generator” can generate a large amount of negative ions, which can decompose several kinds of bad-smelling gases.
“Catechin containing air pre-filter” can decompose formaldehyde, which is harmful to health and the cause of bad-smelling.
It does not need any construction to start using, just need to plug into outlet and supply water.
It has automatic self-cleaning function, can always provide clean air and vapor.
It has become smaller and more silent than previous version of “URUORICH”. It is not only for business use, but also suitable for home use in large rooms.