Renewal of outstanding Nazul pattas for 30 years if not leased out


Bhopal : May , 2018 : The state government has fixed a new policy for the renewal of permanent Nazul pattas. Through the policy, the cases of violation of the conditions of the permanent pattas / cases of negligence will be resolved and pattas will also be renewed. The authorized officer will determine the annual land rent before the renewal. This will be 6 times the final fixed land rent.

Revenue Minister, Shri Umashankar Gupta has informed that for the compound of permanent patta renewal and violation of conditions, the District Collector or the Additional Collector authorized by him shall be the authorized officer. Any renewal can be applied for a period of one year before the end of the permanent pattas. A compound fee will be imposed on applications received late after the expiry of the term.

This order will be effective in relation to the permanent pattas issued before March 31, 2017. In cases where permanent pattas have expired before March 31, 2017 and a situation of breach of the conditions of the pattas is being created, applications can be made for one year from the date of issue of this circular dated May 4, 2018. The applications received will be resolved in a time-bound manner.

The authorized officer will take report on fixed points through the Nazul officer/tehsildar Nazul before patta renewal. The authorized officer will resolve the case after giving chance for hearing to the patta holder on finding him guilty of violation of conditions of permanent pattas.

Use of less than 25 percent portion of the infrastructure alongwith resident use in residential plot either by the patta holder himself or by any of his family member for tuition, stitching, cottage industry like papad-badi etc. then this purpose will not be considered as change. But if the use is for coaching classes, boutique, beauty parlour or hostel, then the use will be considered as commercial purpose. Running a guest house or hostel will also be considered commercial purpose. Patta holder can make necessary changes as per fixed procedure for commercial purpose.

The heir will have to get the patta transferred in case of death of the original patta holder. After this the renewal will take place. Procedure of transfer will be undertaken on sale or plot donation also.

In such cases where the land has been transferred without renewal after the expiry of the term, subject to the other provisions of this clause, if the transferee wants to renew it, firstly accepting the name of the original leaseer, assuming the renovation, transfer to the order based on the name of the transferee will be renewed.

In cases where a period of 30 years or more have passed since the expiry of the patta tenure, while prescribing the other provisions of this circular and while accepting a renovated renewal for 30 years on the expiry date of the original patta, the patta will be renewed.

In cases of violation of conditions the compound fee will have to be deposited within one month of notice of payment of compound fee and after redressal of the case the new patta will have to be prepared within a month and will have to be registered. A time-limit of 6 months has been fixed for the redressal of cases of patta renewal.