Be a part of Alto’s odyssey

The long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure is out on the App Store. The game is currently available only for iOS, while the Android version is still under development. It has no in-app purchases or advertisements, a big plus.

Alto’s Odyssey has been developed by Team Alto, a collaboration between Snowman, an indie studio from Toronto (which developed Alto’s Adventure), and UK-based artist and developer Harry Nesbitt. The game is an attempt to explore life beyond the mountains, which is where all the action took place in the first game, without deviating much from the original gameplay. The game still projects two overlapping two-dimensional (2D) images to simulate a three-dimensional (3D) game environment. The 2D image in the foreground shows a boy racing down a hill on a snowboard, while the rear image forms a dynamic background with foothills, barren deserts, a rising sun or a moonlit sky. The touch controls haven’t changed much and the gameplay still involves speeding down the slopes on a sandboard and avoiding obstacles by jumping over them.

What makes Alto’s Odyssey better than its predecessor is the new terrain, which is more treacherous and complex. It also comes with a more riveting set of desert landscapes, involving sand dunes, hot-air balloons, trees and temple cities. These elements also serve as props. For example, one can bounce off the hot-air balloons to cover a larger distance, evade lemurs, or grab more coins.

Unlike the first game, where the plot revolves around a young shepherd boy called Alto, who races down snow-capped mountain slopes after a bunch of escaped llamas, the sequel focuses on the journey of Alto and his friends beyond the mountains. While the primary objective is to survive the new environment, there are a bunch of secondary objectives with every challenge. These could be anything, from covering 10,000km to jumping across a big chasm, collecting a given number of coins, or bouncing off a balloon.

Alto’s Odyssey has no goals and users can play as long as they want. There is a new Photo mode, which can pause an ongoing game and let users capture a screenshot of their favourite moment, which they can share online.

Obstacles from the previous game, such as rocks and chasms, have been carried over. Additional obstacles include wild animals such as angry lemurs as well as wider chasms between dunes. All this makes the new game even more challenging. One can evade lemurs by jumping over a chasm, hopping on to a balloon or riding over rock walls; to jump over a chasm, players can use special powers such as a wing suit. Weather and nature also play a bigger role. Rainy weather will slow down players, while desert tornados will throw them off track.

The new game also offers six unique characters, with different abilities. For instance, Maya, the shepherd girl, can make faster backflips, while Izel moves faster than others.

One of the main attractions of the game is the soundtrack, which changes with every challenge.livemint

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