Now, You Can Book Only Six Train Tickets Per Month Online


New Delhi: An individual can book only a maximum of six railway tickets online per month, effective from February 15, the Railways Ministry said.

“This will replace the existing system under which a maximum of 10 tickets can be booked online through IRCTC website in a month by an individual,” said a Railways statement.

The Railways said the revision was done after thoroughly analysing railway ticket booking patterns over a period of time.

In the current quota of allowing booking a maximum of 10 tickets per month, up to 90 per cent of users are booking only a maximum of six tickets while only 10 per cent are booking more than six tickets.

“It is suspected that the 10 per cent users might be involved in touting activities. Therefore to deter such touts and to facilitate genuine users, it has been decided that a maximum of 6 tickets can be booked by an individual user in a month,” the statement added.Railway, Railway Ticket Booking, Train Ticket Booking